Friday, August 3, 2012

Super Girly Day!

Here is a girly card I made for our pre-teen neighbor and family friend with Basket Additions 3 and Spring Basket. When I drew this image I thought about some iconic things of my childhood and now that represent the stuff that little girls are made of. I had fun paper piecing the Barbie dress and locked diary with papers from the GKD Hello Sunshine pack. Now I can have all those Barbie clothes I *might* have coveted, and then some! :)

What year were YOU born? Was some of this stuff in your basket? How about your daughter, what's in hers? Would love to know! Tip: If your sweetheart is really into stuffed animals you can snip out a teddy or puppy from Basket Additions 2 or Basket Blessings to add in with all these other things. Or, if she is a bit of tomboy, mix up some of the stuff from the "boy" image in the set. That would have been me!

Or, tell me about what a girly day is to you? For me, that would be shopping with a friend, cupcakes and pedicures! Ahhh! (Cammie, come back!!)

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Tina said...

Oh you did perfect!! My daughter has sooo many things in each and every basket in her room!! Try as I might to get her books in one places, shoes (skates) in another and toys in one, yep... this IS a typical basket in her room! Great job! P.S. She's a tomboy as well and her basket would NOT have been pink. LOL Good job!

Joni said...

very cute.

Sharon Roselli said...

yes I want a girly day! to me it could just be lunch with my friend. but pedi's would be great! shopping is always fun. especially if its a day trip to a craft store!

Anonymous said...

Great card. I'd join Sharon on a craft store trip.

Sharon Harnist said...

Love these bright, happy girl colors, Mel -- adorable card!