Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You're Invited! Gina K Designs Release Party

The Gina K. Design Team is excited to invite you to another fabulous Release Party!!! The party is tomorrow, Thursday, May 31 at 11:00 am Central Time in the Stamp TV Release Party Forum. Join us for Challenges, Contest Questions, Design Team Samples, Full Stamp Set Reveals and, of course, party chit chat!!! Everything will go "live" at 11:00 am Central in Gina's Store (including new CLEAR stamps, woo hoo!) so there won't be any long wait to start shopping! Hope to see you there!

If you came from the lovely and talented Lori McAree's blog, then you're right where you should be. If not, please go to Stamp TV where you will find a list of all those participating. Here's a sneak peek of one of the cards I will be sharing with you at the party, using my newest set Stately Flowers 4:

Love coloring these hibiscus!! :)

Now please head over to the lovely and talented Michelle Woerner's blog to continue the hop, and we'll see you tomorrow at the party! Thank you for visiting, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sneak Peek

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, so busy finishing school end of year stuff and my blog feed still doesn't seem to be working, so I haven't been as motivated to post! Here is a little guest spot I did for another blog if you want to see some recent pics of the kiddos and what we have been up to. I have been busy stamping for our new release next week, (as usual can't show these yet!) so I thought I'd go ahead and post Gina's Sneak peek for today! ;) Thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback on her blog so far, I'm glad people can identify the flower! :) Any guesses as to what else might be in this set? Two other beautiful species*, PLUS, something *new* to the Stately Flowers series I know you will love! LOVE! *

Talk to you soon, have a great weekend!

Someone actually already mentioned one in the comments on Gina's blog, you'll have to skim to find if you can't wait! :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Silhouette Cameo: MUST HAVE

Just a quick post because I have so much to get done today, but I couldn't wait to tell you just a bit about the new Silhouette Cameo that arrived at my house last night, I've been stalking the mailman ever since I ordered!! Hope you all saw the message from StampTV that Gina is now selling the Cameo in the Gina K Designs store for the best available price and it is absolutely amazing, you won't believe all you can do with it and how inexpensive it is to cut anything your heart desires once you have invested in the machine! Soon we will be able to cut out all our stamped Gina K Designs images as well, can't wait, can't wait, it will change the way we all craft! I made my first cuts tonight and this morning so I had to come show you (with my NINE year old son setting up the machine and installing the software! You can do this!)

The software is so simple and it comes preloaded with 50 beautiful and useful shapes, words and backgrounds, PLUS a $10 gift card to go shopping with immediately in their online store so the shapes you love and need the most! Can't wait to use that! And NO wait for something to ship or a need for space or a system to store it, it downloads instantly to your computer you can cut it, minutes later!

One terrific thing is you can cut any font you currently have on your computer and in any size for FREE, immediately. Well, we (Jonathan and I) had to try that because I've never had have the capability to cut letters, which are so great for cards and scrapbook pages. Here is a 3 inch tall "J" my son cut out of patterned paper using the Stencil font from my MS Word program. (Software instantly imports all these from your computer when it installs no extra step for you to find them) Perfectly cut! This is a very thin patterned paper, so the blade was set for 2. Went through like buttah! (butter)

Now here is a Scalloped Background, also included, you can cut this as large as your 12x12 paper, or here I sized it 4x4 for a card front. Unbelieveable detail, cut in about a minute (fun to watch the blade do its work, too!)

Unfortunately, I underestimated how deep the blade would need to go for our super thick, super luxurious heavy baseweight Pure Luxury Lipstick Red, it did not go all the way through and that setting for the designer paper. (There ARE recommendations for you on different material thicknesses in the manual, we got a little ahead of ourselves) But no matter, I will not let this gorgeous design go to waste, however, will just trim around to make a square mat and stick on a card, and everyone will wonder have I made this gorgeous engraved texture. :) So I'll try that design again later with the proper setting, but moving on!! (It will go through these cardstocks no problem as you'll see below, never fear!)

Now here is a 5 inch leafy stem (also included in the software! how versatile and pretty!) cut from Pure Luxury Green Grass.

I put the blade setting on 10, that is the highest. (I tried several lower settings and it made a gorgeous cut design, but would not go all the way through. Again, I'll use those!) Layering weights like Pure Luxury White and Ivory and Pure Luxury Accent Colors are thinner and will not need such a high setting, probably a 3 or 4.) This, however, peeled off the mat like a dream, look how fine that stem is, it's like a piece of floss!!! Are you drooling yet?

This is what the screen looked like so you can see exactly how big for your finished cut will be and can drag it to any spot on your mat. Awesome customizing the size for your specific use!

I can't wait to explore the potential of this dream machine, as well as shop for fun cut outs, AND create perfectly cut flowers and other images from Gina K DESIGNS!! Scream! This is an amazing investment, I cannot recommend the Silhouette Cameo highly enough. Put in on your birthday list, your Christmas list, your belated Mother's Day list, because you need it, will take your cards to another level and save so much time and money!

Will share more soon, have a terrific weekend!

BTW, while you are here, thanks for visiting! My feed to my readers seems to have stopped working again, so if you haven't been getting my posts you want to resubscribe or try a new way to follow subscribe to my blog! Thanks for your help, any linking to let people I'm know still alive and posting, or linking posts you especially like like this one is greatly appreciated! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and had a wonderful time being spoiled or a Mother/mother figure to enjoy spoiling if it was Mother's Day n your part of the world! We had a busy weekend and the I got to go the spa with a friend on Sunday, using a gift certificate I got for Christmas. Returned home to a nice surf and turf dinner cooked by hubby and some letters from my kids. Here is Jonathan's:
We went skating together for the first time on Saturday, just the two of us. He'd never been on roller skates before and he did great!! By the way, this rink is super old school, if not for the current music, I would think I was back in 1982!! Loved when they played some flashback stuff, it really brought back the memories!
I'm glad to have a skating buddy, I love to skate. Here is going down low during the "Cha Cha Slide".
He also bought me a big mug full of peppermints and origami flowers at the craft fair I did the previous week with money he earned helping me at my booth. (I forgot to take a pic of that, but they will last forever and he was very resourceful and came home and found a video on YouTube so he could make more himself to add to the bouquet! :) BTW, here is a photo of us he and me there together with Christine Monzingo, who dropped by my table with a friend and her copy of my book to sign! What a great pic of us! Fun! (Yep, he'll be taller than I am in two years)
And here is William's letter:
Most were expected, as he lists these often, but I especially enjoyed #7 (translated: know what to do when I have problems") Well, I''m so glad he feels that way! My older son asked when I read it, "What do you mean, William?! Like find the peanut butter??" "No, I know what William meant. Don't I, William?" Mmmhmm, he nodded (I learned over and whispered, "Like secrets?" "Yes". William often comes in my room and we have private conversations about things going on with him. This is really bittersweet knowing when he's struggling but I am so thankful he confides in me and feels peace that we've resolved whatever issues he's having together. And how cute is #3? ("shows respect for the earth") well, let's not tell him about when I forget to bring my reusable bags in form the car at the grocery store! I guess he can tell i love nature by the time we spend hiking and how I take care of our rabbits. (BTW, I really need to shoot a rabbit video for you, if you've never had rabbits, you just wouldn't believe the incredible moves they bust out when given some time to run around in a big area!!)

William's gift was painting my nails for me, was his idea and he used polish he bought for me last year, does that boy take care of me or what? Never mind that he *pushed* the polish on starting from the tip and going toward the nail bed, pooling all over my cuticle, I didn't see him becoming a nail tech when he grows up anyway! ;)
Here is a recent picture of him reading to a friend's little girl at a picnic. He and Jonathan have both recently announced they want a baby sister....hmmm!

More later!! Hugs!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Basket Additions 2: A Few Tips for You!

 Hello!  Hope your week is off to  a terrific start! Just wanted to post a few this for the new Basket Additions 2 sets along with a new sample today, this is by no means complete but I started it a few weeks ago so i might as well put it up until I can finish more!  BTW,  I am so concerned my feed for my blog has stopped coming to all my readers again, ackk!  Please checking in with me, sign up to follow instead of getting updates so you can see it in your dashboard etc and I'll be sure to also post my new cards to StampTV.
 This card uses Gina K Red Carpet DP (paper piecing on the rolled blanket) and Pure Luxury Red Hot, White and Ocean Mist CS.  Only the lace topper is cut out here: goes quickly, adds dimension and you don't have to worry about masking or stamping the topper and basket exactly lined up!

So here are some more tips!

Use toppers with the basket from Spring Basket and Holiday Basket.

Trim off or omit stamped eyelet border to use with the other toppers and use baby stuff on its own, or with a different blanket or liner.  Endless combinations with the different pieces!

Hang banner across basket or stamp at the top of you mats without the basket to create festive hanging banners, like a decorated room.

Add letters, numbers or bling to the individual pennants flags. Paper piece the pennants or make every other one a different color to make them pop.

Glue hemp or bakers twine across the line above the pennants to add whimsy and texture.

Add glitter to inside of spa mason jar for a sugar or salt scrub!

Word combinations you can make with just these 13 greetings in the set (more, of course, when using the other Basket Additions or Basket Buddies or Basket Blessings)

enjoy your vacation
enjoy your birthday
enjoy your birthday party
enjoy your 4th of July
enjoy your new baby
enjoy sunshine
enjoy good things
time to... in front of the previous combos!
good things grow
grow good things
happy birthday
happy 4th of July

time to party
time to play
time to rest & relax
time to shine
party time
(I'm sure there are others but that's all I got right now!)

Here is a list of what's in each new topper for coloring reference and inspiration:

 Baby: The little ovals peeking up on right are tops of safety pins, behind that with tiny line on left side (fold) are diapers (but they could be pieced to look like folded baby blankets cloth diapers, etc and the three rectangles above those are like board books standing up.  Large container of powder, bottle duck! rolled blanket, stuffed puppy (aww!)

Spa: nubby brush, slippers, sea sponge, bath poof, rolled washcloth, bar soap jar for bath crystals (pink glitter!!)

Beach: flipper, towel, book, shades, water, bottle, shovel, ball, snorkel tube

Garden: seed packets, spade, pots, glove, watering can, potted ivy

Birthday: gift, balloons, blowout, cone hat, gift bag

Fourth of July: fireworks, star, tinsel decoration (with the skinny streamers) flag, watermelon, roman candles

More tips to come! have a fabulous day, thanks for visiting and your comments!  I'll be back with some pics and an update the Violet Crown Festival this past weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Karen's Hop!

Hello!  Today several designers and friends are participating in a special hop for Karen Knegten.  If you have been around the stamping community for any length of time at all, you might have run into Karen. She is always participating in challenges, offering us wonderful inspiration with her awesome talent! About a month ago, Karen had to have surgery for two brain aneurysms. She is still in the hospital and we are having this blog to inspire more of you out there to send in some cards to Karen AND to her family that is caring for her too! So hope you feel inspired with our little hop for you today. Below you will find all of the links to all of the girls participating...these are from the CSS Alumni group and the Design Team from Gina K Designs. Enjoy and be inspired to send a card or two in!  I did not sign up in time for the hop link list but wanted to make sure you all knew about it!  today's card uses Basket Additions 2 and Holiday Basket and Gina's new Wisteria Lane paper.  I chose this sentiment because I am trusting God will bring good out of what has happened with Karen.

Here is the address for sending the cards to:

Karen Knegten
c/o R.S.V.P. Rental Services
350 W. Northwest Highway
Barrington IL 60010

Here is the list of friends who are participating in the hop today:
Carolyn King
Tina Gilliland
Giovana Smith
Lee Murphy
Theresa Momber
Deb Felts
Vicki Dutcher
Cathy Tidwell
Melissa Shultz
Tera Fujan
Cheri Weston
Joy Hadden
Linda Payne
Sue VanDeVusse
Jennie Harper
Betty Neville
Geri Utterback
Brenda Turner

Love you, Karen!  You are in my thoughts and prayers for your full and speedy recovery, so you can enjoy your life and all your favorite activities!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Oh my goodness, pinch me!  I received a surprise email last night from my Bible study mentoring mom with a heads up that our local newspaper the Austin American Statesman would be running a story today on my book and cards in the Style section, eeek!  Se sent a link with with the online article about but I didn't even *notice* the visual on the left side last night (you can click on the pic in that link for enlarged version, thanks Alberto Martinez for that gorgeous shot!) so I wasn't really sure what to expect this morning.  After dropping the kids off at school today, I went to Starbucks to pick up a copy (or three for family and Gina!) but received a flood of email texts and phone calls before I even made it there with congrats, so I knew it must look pretty darned awesome!  (Goodness, a lot of people read the paper!)

So there it is, on the same page the big Tim Gunn Lucky Brand article was a couple weeks ago when I found out about the fashion show (no, Tim was not involved in my making the paper, hee!  Thank you, Kitty Crider for bringing my work to the attention of Courtney Sebesta!)

Wow, I just can't believe I was blessed enough to get this full color picture and story pointing people to my book on Amazon!  What a day! So excited I don't think I'll be able to work...nervous energy!!  (Some days I feel I am the luckiest person ever!)

Anyway, I just had to share my happy news with all of you! :)  On that note, I will be at the Violet Crown Festival with my cards and book this Saturday, May 5, 11AM-6PM:  please come by and say hello if you are in the area!  (Having said that, think I'll go sort my cards for the fest, gotta get something done if I can't stamp!) ;)

Have a terrific day!  May you receive a wonderful surprise of your own!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hello!  Hope you enjoyed the hops this past week, anyone received their new stamps from the latest Gina K Designs release yet?  I can't wait to see the gallery filling up with gorgeous projects using the new sets!  Speaking of galleries, Gina started a pin board on Pinterest today for A Year of Flowers, per customer requests, and I have just been having a grand old time pinning some of my favorite past projects as well as selecting some stand outs from our STV gallery!  Enjoy browsing the board, I plan to continue adding to it, you just might see one of *your own* A Year of Flowers cards in there! :)  Thanks to everyone who is already liking and re-pinning from the board!  Let me know what your favorites are n the comment section below!

Now!  I hear that the new Basket Additions 2 is flying off the shelves, thank you! :) Over the next few days, I will be sharing samples using the remaining toppers I haven't yet shown  because I had to try them all out as soon as they came!  Here is a spa basket, just in time for Mother's Day! I used the basket from Spring Basket, stamped on Kraft and shaded with a light brown marker on the sides, then cut it in half to make it  a little shallower than the original image.  

DP is from the Gina K Pure Luxury Wisteria Lane pack.  Cardstock is Pure Luxury White, Fresh Asparagus, Lovely Lavender, and Wild Heather.  After coloring the topper with Copics I used a glue pen and added some lilac Doodlebug glitter.  Die cuts are Classic Circle and Splendid Circle Nestabilities.  Use more classic circles or your punches on the individually inked and tamped words to create a message of bubbles!  

In case you are wondering what any of the stuff in the basket is intended to be, from left to right:  nubby wood brush, slippers, sea sponge, poof, rolled towel, bar of soap, mason jar (full of bath salts, sugar scrub, etc!)  I just colored the slippers here, but they would be very sweet paper pieced!  I will post my tip sheet soon with info on all the rest of the toppers!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inspiration Hop Day 3: Free with Three One in a Million

The Design Team for Gina K. Designs welcomes you to another fabulous Inspiration Blog Hop! Gina and the Design Team will inspire you with many beautiful ideas, and as you hop through their blogs, make sure to leave a comment on each of them because we will choose a few random comments and those stampers will each win a grab bag of deeply etched, pre-cut Gina K. Designs stamps! To see the full list of winners check the Big News forum at Stamp TV a couple of days after the hops.
Today we are showcasing One in a Million, the newest Free with Three set. These flowers are so easy breezy fun and perfect for kids or your best girl friend! To go with the "one in a million" sentiment, I kept the coloring simple and made the one red flower stand out from the bunch, also adding an adhesive rhinestone on its center. DP is Pure Luxury Red Carpet designer paper pack. (See how it goes with everything?) ;)

I used a back marker to ink up just the "you" and stamped on Pure Luxury Innocent Pink paper, then free cut a little arrow to pop up. TIP: Don't be intimidated to try cutting your own shapes when you need them! The imperfections often add charm and the "handmade flair" to your projects.  You can do it!
Ocean Mist die cut is Spellbinders Romantic Rectangles. Base is Pure Luxury Jelly Bean Green.
Now check out more ideas and inspiration from our fabulous team:

Have a fabulous day!  Remember, you are one in a million!