Friday, May 18, 2012

Silhouette Cameo: MUST HAVE

Just a quick post because I have so much to get done today, but I couldn't wait to tell you just a bit about the new Silhouette Cameo that arrived at my house last night, I've been stalking the mailman ever since I ordered!! Hope you all saw the message from StampTV that Gina is now selling the Cameo in the Gina K Designs store for the best available price and it is absolutely amazing, you won't believe all you can do with it and how inexpensive it is to cut anything your heart desires once you have invested in the machine! Soon we will be able to cut out all our stamped Gina K Designs images as well, can't wait, can't wait, it will change the way we all craft! I made my first cuts tonight and this morning so I had to come show you (with my NINE year old son setting up the machine and installing the software! You can do this!)

The software is so simple and it comes preloaded with 50 beautiful and useful shapes, words and backgrounds, PLUS a $10 gift card to go shopping with immediately in their online store so the shapes you love and need the most! Can't wait to use that! And NO wait for something to ship or a need for space or a system to store it, it downloads instantly to your computer you can cut it, minutes later!

One terrific thing is you can cut any font you currently have on your computer and in any size for FREE, immediately. Well, we (Jonathan and I) had to try that because I've never had have the capability to cut letters, which are so great for cards and scrapbook pages. Here is a 3 inch tall "J" my son cut out of patterned paper using the Stencil font from my MS Word program. (Software instantly imports all these from your computer when it installs no extra step for you to find them) Perfectly cut! This is a very thin patterned paper, so the blade was set for 2. Went through like buttah! (butter)

Now here is a Scalloped Background, also included, you can cut this as large as your 12x12 paper, or here I sized it 4x4 for a card front. Unbelieveable detail, cut in about a minute (fun to watch the blade do its work, too!)

Unfortunately, I underestimated how deep the blade would need to go for our super thick, super luxurious heavy baseweight Pure Luxury Lipstick Red, it did not go all the way through and that setting for the designer paper. (There ARE recommendations for you on different material thicknesses in the manual, we got a little ahead of ourselves) But no matter, I will not let this gorgeous design go to waste, however, will just trim around to make a square mat and stick on a card, and everyone will wonder have I made this gorgeous engraved texture. :) So I'll try that design again later with the proper setting, but moving on!! (It will go through these cardstocks no problem as you'll see below, never fear!)

Now here is a 5 inch leafy stem (also included in the software! how versatile and pretty!) cut from Pure Luxury Green Grass.

I put the blade setting on 10, that is the highest. (I tried several lower settings and it made a gorgeous cut design, but would not go all the way through. Again, I'll use those!) Layering weights like Pure Luxury White and Ivory and Pure Luxury Accent Colors are thinner and will not need such a high setting, probably a 3 or 4.) This, however, peeled off the mat like a dream, look how fine that stem is, it's like a piece of floss!!! Are you drooling yet?

This is what the screen looked like so you can see exactly how big for your finished cut will be and can drag it to any spot on your mat. Awesome customizing the size for your specific use!

I can't wait to explore the potential of this dream machine, as well as shop for fun cut outs, AND create perfectly cut flowers and other images from Gina K DESIGNS!! Scream! This is an amazing investment, I cannot recommend the Silhouette Cameo highly enough. Put in on your birthday list, your Christmas list, your belated Mother's Day list, because you need it, will take your cards to another level and save so much time and money!

Will share more soon, have a terrific weekend!

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  1. Congrats Melanie!!! I will get one, eventually :) I really like all the information shared about the Cameo.

  2. Have fun! Enjoy your new toy!

  3. This looks like fun! HOW will it work with GKD stamps?

  4. Sounds like a real dream machine. Wish I could say it's on my wishlist but unfortunately I already have an Expression and an Expression 2 so it's not likely that I'll be getting one anytime soon. Too bad because I really like the idea that it will cut the GKD stamps.

  5. I don't have a Silhouette Cameo - still have the Silhouette SD, but i did buy the new blade assembly so it will cut like the Cameo. I use a 4 setting for Pure Luxury CS and double cut it if the pattern is intricate. I can't wait for the new designs to coordinate with the stamps!!

  6. I have a Cameo and LOVE, LOVE LOVE it! If you need a tutorial on it, Jessica Sprague has two classes up and running. Silhouette-Getting To Know You and Silhouette-Oh the Places You'll Go. I have bought both and they are very helpful! If you go to find them, go to "classes" and type the name in the search box. They have a "Silhouette" category but the classes have not been listed there yet. They are self- paced classes.

  7. I also have one of the original Silhouette machines (software upgraded to SD) and I just love it. Will be anxiously awaiting news of Gina's new cutting files.

  8. Thanks for all the info, Melanie. I'm so computer ILLiterate that I've been afraid to attempt a machine like yours, but maybe I'm not so hopeless after all. I'll pray about it and save my pennies. Would you (or someone else) explain how the cutting will coordinate with GKD stamps? I'm having difficulty picturing what everyone is talking about. Hugs.

  9. I have a silhouette and a cricut and love love both of them.I can'y wait for svg files to match Gina K stamps. Will be looking for them..'sherrye

  10. I will probably use both types of stamps!As I already have a collection of both... ;)

  11. I love my Silhouette Cameo. Bought one in February with my tax refund. The only dissapointment I found is that I have to order refill blades and mats online. I wish more local stores carried the refills. I did start using Cricut Mats. Do you know if Gina will be carrying the blade refills?


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