Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Pure Luxury Colors and Comparisons

Hello, happy Sunday! I was so excited to get my order of new Gina K Pure Luxury colors in yesterday's mail, I just had to pull out some other Pure Luxury colors to compare and show you! The first pic shows all four, plus white, to help the colors appear more true.

Check out the new Tomato Soup, I am in love with this new gorgeous orange-red! So warm and rich, love it! (Pass me the Ritz!) ;)
And the new Cherry Red is my *new* favorite red! Now, you all know how I feel about Lipstick Red (near and dear!), and although they do look similar in this photo, you can definitely tell the difference: Lipstick Red is browner and doesn't have as smooth an appearance, while the Cherry Red is so much more vibrant and smooth as silk pure color! Cherry Red is the perfect name for this perfect shade!
Next up is the Honey Mustard, this color really isn't like anything we've had before, and I am so excited about it, just in time for fall! So elegant! Completely different than our yellows, but too yellow or brown to be called an orange, the closest thing is Tan Leather, pictured below. You can see how much more golden it is, though, and of course the smooth finish.

Last, the Dusty Sage, this such a gorgeous color! I can never have enough greens, and this one is completely different than the others in Pure Luxury line. Love how muted it is, it will be a wonderful neutral paired with so many other shades. Here I put it next to the Pure Luxury Grays so you can see how much bluer they are, and how subtle it is next to the Green Apple.

Hope this is helpful in planning your purchases and designs for Autumn projects! Can't wait to start cutting, and matting! Which new color is your favorite? Excuse me while I go work them into some samples for our inspiration hops, starting on the 13th!

Thank you for visiting me today! Hope your weekend has been great and Monday kicks off an even better week!


  1. Melanie, I love them all....but I do have a weakness for reds and both of these look delish! I too would love to use the honey mustard for my fave season of Autumn. Thanks so much for showing the comparisons, that really helps. Can't wait to see your samples.

  2. They are all lovely, tomato soup is especially appealing

  3. I love them all, fall colors are my favorite! it it hard to choose Cherry red or tomato soup? dusty sage is wonderful too. told you I can't choose.

  4. I love all the new colors, but I am very partial to the Cherry Red. Must have!

  5. I want then all and love them all, but I honestly have to say that the Tomato Soup is outstanding and my favorite shade. I am a tomato fanatic food wise too. Yummy! I love homemade tomato soup and I can make lots of homemade cards with that awesome color too.

  6. I just got mine and that Cherry Red has me ready to make a card with it. And looks great with the gorgeous paper pack!

  7. Those ALL look like fabulous colors, but the Cherry Red is the one I'm most excited about. Thanks for putting up the comparisons!!!

  8. I love the Pumpkin Spice color!


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