Monday, July 6, 2009

Faux Watercoloring!

This is the mat that I put on the first card I shared with "Arranged with Love", (you can see the finished card in this post. ) Here are all the Copics I used to do it, 12 colors plus a gray for shadows. As you can see, I usually only use two of each color and am still able to build a lot of lights and dark tones and still get them blended. For an "in between" shade, touch the tip of your lighter color to the darker marker and color away! Once you see the darker color fading, touch it to your darker Copic again to reload.

Now here is the same piece, flipped over! I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this "technique": faux watercoloring, which is simply coloring as you normally would and then letting the "bleed through" side of your coloring be your focal point! I stamped it on regular white copy paper (the kind I use in my printer) so the color would bleed through easily and I didn't have to use much to really get the nice, saturated shapes of the flowers and leaves. Plus it changes up the layout by flipping! Jut a fun alternative for this set, looks so "painterly" without the lines! I will definitely come back and post a finished card using this technique! ;)

I've had several requests for the colors used on this, here they are:
Lipstick Red and Cardinal
Buttercup Yellow and Pale Yellow
Honey Golden Yellow and Cadmium Yellow
Pea green, Green gray and Lime Green
C1 Gray
Prune and Amethyst

Try this yourself, it is such a lovely surprise when you are finished with your coloring to turn it over an see an entirely new creation! :)


  1. Now this is just too cool! When I first saw that you had written "watercolor" and at the same time saw the copics, I wondered how you were going to pull this one off! Should have known you had something up your sleeve! :) This is gorgeous Melanie! I have really enjoyed each one of your creations with this set! :)


  2. That is beautiful! Can't wait to see your finished card.

  3. Wow, how pretty! That is such a neat idea and both are gorgeous!!! I am looking at my colored images a bit differently :o)

  4. What a beautiful card. The image is such a neat one to work on too.

  5. This is stunning Melanie!! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

  6. oh - how pretty!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Melanie, you are so clever and I really love that look!

  8. WOW!!!!!!! that is just amazing. Now I'm sure my card wouldn't look like that when I flipped it over, but i'm gonna have to try this. thanks for sharing all your wonderful discoveries Melanie!

  9. Awesome, Melanie. Who would have thunk it. Let's see the finished it's gorgeous.

    Blessings, Joyce

  10. Wow, this is just to cool. You are so creative and inventive!

  11. Have I told you lately what an absolute GENIUS you are?!?!? :-)


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