Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hand Vignettes

The simple line art hands in "Hand in Hand" are a fabulous match for the simple grid in "Inspiration Mosaic". I reverse masked the hand vignettes into the top boxes and sponged in some Antique Linen Distressing Ink to give them some depth before pulling the mask away. The sizes of the boxes are just right for framing these vignettes.
I wanted to represent the back and forth give and take of friendships, the distances traveled, the shared ups and downs, and tried to capture that here with the dashed lines that decorate, but also pull your eye around the card.

I am blessed to have so many PSFs (Pretend Stamping Friends) in my life! Have a blessed day!:)
PS the first of many GKD blog hops this week starts tomorrow, right here on this blog!! ;)


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the versatility of your sets...its a mix n match with limitless possibilities! Gonna have to CASE this!!! Signed, your PSF kerianne :)

  2. This is fabulous. I love how your sets go together so well. Melissa

  3. Love this Melanie. The design with the dashed lines framing each is perfect and love the distressing by the antique linen.

  4. Love it Mel! I always love how you come up with the combing of sets, just so awesome all the time!

  5. Love this card! What a wonderful card to send to a friend.

  6. I keep telling myself I need that grid set....this is fabulous!


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