Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Copics Holder!

Been meaning to share a very special (and functional!!) gift I got from Tina Gilliland: a beautiful six sided box on a turntable with a little frame on each side, she filled them with stamped images from "Sporty Accessories", the month after she guest designed for me with this set! She found the box at Hobby Lobby and it came with a top so you could fill it with all sort of knickknacks, but I was thrilled to find it would hold 142* of my 144 Copics (4 whole boxes of Ciaos) so I have them all at arm 's reach and can carry them around together, woo hoo!!
It is so special to dress up a nice piece of art or organizational item with stamping and papers.
Thank you Tina, I use this every day and think about how blessed I am to have friends like you supporting my art and creativity! (and getting me organized, slob that I am!)
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*I keep the Colorless Blender and Black out on my desk, so it's all good. ;)


  1. What a wonderful gift from Tina. How sweet of her.

  2. Great gift and useful...however, I was told the Copics should be stored horizontally...was I misinformed? Because of this, I have mine stored in stackable clear plastic 1" high x 8"long x 6" long boxes that (by color)...the boxes snap together and have a lid on top with a handle for carrying. They are a pain to get in and out of as I usually have "stuff" on my desk...would love your method if it is okay to store the Copics upright??? Guess I'll check their site to see if they say...LOL
    Jan Castle

  3. oh isnt this a wonderful thoughtful thing to do!!! going to start the hunt for this now !!!TFS
    wish I was this thoughtful, sad face LOL

  4. How nice to receive such a wonderful gift! I'm jealous of all the Copics you own ;]

  5. What a great gift and a wonderful Copics holder!!

  6. What a nice gift...what an awesome idea Melanie. I am on hold with my local Hobby Lobby looking for this piece. Yes! they are holding one for me...normally $19.99on sale with a 50% off regular price! Thanks Mel for the great idea!

  7. This is so NEAT! I am just going to be stepping in to the world of Copic Ciaos. I can't wait! I plan on purchasing Set A and B. Thanks for this great idea!

  8. Melanie, I have my new Copic Sketch holder on my desk as I write. I can't wait to fill in some of the open space with my 36 Copics and add a blue million more! then I need to add my own "pictures" to the sides. thanks again for the heads up!


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