Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time to Shop!!

the new stamps are ready for the picking! Click on the link and go to "what's new"!

I'l be back soon with my tip sheet for the new set, but for now here are a couple "Buds and Vases" samples I shared at the party, a simpler card
and a stepped up version! :)

have a terrific weekend, and happy shopping!!!


  1. Love these cards. Thanks for showing how to do them two different ways.

  2. These are both lovely! AS always - your coloring job is fab. The perfect terra cotta pot really jumped out at me this time.

  3. These are so beautiful, love your work and stamp sets! Just love how you colored them.

  4. Hello Melanie,

    It was the amazing cards from your wonderful set, "A Year of Flowers" I kept seeing on Splitcoaststampers that led me to check out the Gina K Designs store for the first time to buy your set, and to take a leap and buy my very first set of cling rubber stamps and some acrylic mounts from the store. I haven't looked back, and continued on to buy your "Arranged for Love" (another of my absolute favorites of your truly gorgeous floral sets), then on to your christmas set, "Festive Frame", and then bought "Pressed Flowers". You create the nicest floral sets, and they are all so different yet leave the cardmaker room to use our own artistic ideas too, and I just love that. I do also have your mosaic set and the set that creates a window look, "Hip to be Square". I still have to use some of them, I deal with a chronic illness that doesn't always allow me to make cards as I'd like, but your sets inspire me to sometimes take my cardmaking to the next level by having me actually do more of the creating than just flatly stamping and coloring it, for you give the elements that we have to put together in a number of your sets, and I applaude you in giving that creative license to us. I'm hoping to grow and improve as I continue to use your sets, and just had to thank you for creating such beauty especially in your floral stamp sets. I just saw your new set, "Buds and Vases", and you've done it again, your flowers always have such grace and elegance, and I can see God's handiwork there in your creative inspiration, thank you for that too. I'm in awe of your unbelievable talent, Melanie!

    Blessings to you, and sending you my warmest gratitude for taking such care and showing the true beauty of each blossom that you create. I can't wait to purchase your newest set, and to be able to take your other sets and do some floral arranging of my own in these new containers, something I've recognized I've needed and you have more than delivered again! Thank you for creating such excellence, you never fail to delight me with especially your floral creations, and I know that such high quality takes time and effort, and I wanted to express my appreciation for creating the absolute best for all of us. You always inspire me to try and make a better card with your stamps.

    I'm not someone who is ever intimidated by seeing cardmakers who make better cards, I love to learn from them and hopefully grow myself. I absolutely never thought I'd do a craft, and likely had I not been disabled, I'd never have had the time, for I was a busy performing classical musician as well as a full-time university professor, and all of my creative abilities were placed in my music. Now that I can no longer perform or teach, I have found this creative outlet, and although I'll never be an artist like so many I see making unbelievable cards, that's OK with me. I'm delighted to be able to make cards for others that encourage and uplift, and as long as the intended recipient enjoys that card, and I am seeing progress and improvement as I go, I'm thrilled to have this new artistic outlet.

    Because I can rarely get out for classes, seeing card blogs like yours and tutorials on Stamp TV and SCS have been an absolute lifeline for me to learn as a rank beginner to someone who continues to hopefully learn and grow. Gina K was the first company I tried outside of SU (which I enjoy, and I'm grateful to SU for getting me in this craft), and I'm learning that through Gina K, that there's a whole big world out there of wonderful stamps and other amazing merchandise.

    Just had to express my absolute gratitude and admiration for your awe-inspiring talent and thank you for sharing your creative abilities with us through your terrific, elegant stamps, especially your gorgeous floral stamps.

    Best wishes,


  5. Joanne, Would you please email me or leave a way I can contact you? I would like to send you a very personal repsonse to your lovely message! I so needed this encouragement today, thank you for blessing me! :)


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