Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mega Dose of Cupcakes: Cards and Review!

I hope you will check out this LOVE-ly new issue of Crafts 'n' Things, full of crafts, gifts and cards in plenty of time for Valentines day, plus a huge cupcake section, eek!

I have two cards featured in this issue for their cupcake section, the first using "100% Sweet" and "Sew Pretty".
And here is a card using "Candles on Your Cake" and "Fun Year Round".

There is also an online bonus recipe for a third card I made using "Versatile Verses" and "Fun Year Round". This was such an easy, fun design!
I do hope you will check out this issue, plenty more cupcake projects abound, including recipes and the cutest cupcake jewelry I have ever seen!

Next, if you happen to be about and about in Austin, I highly recommend making a trip to "Lick it, Bite it Or Both", these are NOT your average cupcakes! (and they serve homemade ice cream, too, which my kids gave the thumbs up, that day I just chose to "bite it"!) Check out this beautiful Choco Chris-Mint cupcake I had, perfect for the holidays, topped with crushed peppermint and filled with chocolate sauce! Other pluses: the place is gorgeous in pale aqua blue and brown, with markers and cupcake liners on the tables for you to get creative and decorate their walls!

We enjoyed reading some of the funniest little messages while we ate, like "Teachers love cupcakes (not apples)" etc! I loved how they also tint their vanilla frostings and ice creams this same beautiful shade of blue to match the decor!

Eat something yummy today! Too many fun things to savor this Christmas season to follow the diet too carefully!


  1. Who doesn't like a cupcake list...I am not on that list!

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  3. Ooooooo CUPCAKES! Love to stamp them AND eat them! I wish we had a place like that in Phoenix...well maybe we do and I just need to investigate! YUMMY on both the culinary AND creative front! :)

  4. Absolutely adorable cards, Mel. Congratulations. I'll have to pick up that mag.

  5. Visited Austin once and had a wonderful time, even though visiting anywhere in Texas is like going to another country! Love your cards.

  6. Love your delightful cards! Thanks for sharing them. I haven't seen this issue yet so it was fun to get a sneak peek! The cupcake looks delicious! I am eating a cupcakes (carrot) right now will I read your blog post! Yum! Perfect, I'd say!

  7. YUM, cupcakes:) Sounds like an absolutely grand place to go. Congrats on the magazine entry:)

  8. I bought this magazine on Friday. I love looking through it many times. I always see something new each time. I saw your awesome cards. :o)


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