Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pretty Patterns 2 Back in Stock!

So I had some video ideas for Pretty Patterns 2, but I didn't want to post them until the stamp set was back in stock (no need to frustrate peeps if you can't go put in the cart, right?)   Well, it is now, yay!  Next up for videos, I'll be creating some different pattens with the herringbone border in this set, as well as how you can use it with my Lots of Letters set!

Here is a *very* simple card I mass produced this past week (when I have to make 20 cards in a pinch they are going to be super simple!), for all the teachers at our middle school where purple is the school color (summer birthdays, had to get them in!)  These went super fast and it was so easy to to fill in these openings with the letters in Black Onyx, as well as being able to get the letters centered within each open space, resulting in your word going across in a nice and neat straight line!  I also love using the large letters with a smaller greeting in this way, good to make an impact with just part of the sentiment, rather than having to stamp out each individual letter in the whole, know what I mean? Plus, mixing fonts always adds a lot of interest to your design.  Birthday wishes sentiment is from the Garden Silhouettes set.

To begin, stamp the middle border first on your mat to get your pattern started off centered, then stamp above and below it.  Stamp out the happy letters and center the sentiment through the middle of row of circles below.  Pure Luxury White and Wild Lilac cardstock.

Have a terrific day!  Sharing a video on the CardMaker blog Thursday!


  1. Great card Melanie! It would be a perfect masculine design as well!

  2. I've been so busy but hopefully, today I find some time to play with my set of your magnificient stamps too. Love all the ideas and hope I can find more creative ways to make use of the Pretty Patterns 2 set. It has been bugging me that I was too busy before.

  3. Great card. I love how quick and easy it is - and purple's my favorite color. Pretty Patterns 2 is on my wish list. There are so many possibilities. Thanks for the great inspiration.


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