Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Statebound 2013

If you could please send some positive thoughts and prayers our family’s way, I would so appreciate them as I drive my sons to Corpus Christi on Thursday morning, where Jonathan is competing in three events at the Games of Texas State Meet.  We need all of us to be healthy and for him to have good swims Friday morning.  He is seeded 6th and 7th for two events, but these were not his personal best times, so I feel he has a really good shot at qualifying for Nationals, which would mean he'd need to place 1st , 2ne or 3rd.  He's been working really hard the last two and half weeks at the pumped up practices for the City team, so of course I think he can win them all, barring a goggles malfunction like at Regionals!  I am so excited for the Parade of Athletes and Opening ceremonies and Fireworks on Friday night, which we haven't been able to attend the last two years he qualified because he always had a warm up scheduled for so early the next morning before his events.  This year we'll be done by Friday afternoon and know whether or not he placed but just thankful for the experience and relieved morning swim sessions and the pressure/anticipation are over for a while!  Sounds like it is such a good time for the kids and their parents.

I haven't managed to finish my tribute to Homey for you to read yet. The short story is we had to have him euthanized after his legs stopped working (due to the cancer in his spine) and I have never gone through anything like that or burying  a pet that meant so much, so of course I have to tell how it all went down, along with how we got him and why he was the Best. Cat.  Ever. Between wanting to find all the right pictures and say all the right things and procrastinating on some of the more emotional parts, it is almost but not yet ready to post.  (I'm not sure how people get eulogies together so quickly for their loved ones in time for a service)  Hopefully when we get back, along with some good news about Jonathan.  It will be good for us all to have some time away from the house for just a few days.  Preparing for the meet and short trip has helped to have something else to focus on and look forward to.  I so appreciate the outpouring of loving words and support from so many of you on Facebook.  It has not been easy, but it is getting easier each day.

Hugs and blessings,


  1. Hugs and prayers coming your way!!!

  2. Wishing you a safe trip, great fun with the competitions, and good health for all. Hugs and prayers too. Take this time to enjoy and relax.

  3. Go, Jonathan! Have a great time while you also try to have great swim times.

    Prayers for health and safe travels!

  4. I am super behind in my blog hopping! Hope Jonathan did well, and qualified for the Nationals! I am really sorry to hear about Homey; it is always difficult to lose a pet - they really are family. ((Hugs))


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