Friday, April 25, 2014

Lots of Letters 2 Tip Sheet: Part 1


Lots of Letters 2 is now available for purchase!  I hope you were able to come to our release party last night, the guests  really rocked all their samples!  Here are just the first few tips I jotted down to get you started when your set arrives. More to come, but the possibilities are so endless, I don't want to wait for a more comprehensive list because I thought you might have some questions.  So look for Part 2 soon!  And of course, videos showing tips in action!  I have one I am SO excited about for Monday, and it was all I could do not to reveal it at the party!

This set coordinates with the lowercase letters in Lots of letters as well as the style of Pretty Patterns and Pretty Patterns 2.  The linked circle border in Lots of Letters 2 fills in the circle border in Pretty Patterns. All the circles in Lots of Letters set fill in the flowers in Lots of Letters 2.Have fun mixing and matching these 4 sets!

All letters in this set are 3/8" tall.  The tall lowercase letters (like b, d, and l) in the original Lots of Letters set are 3/8" as well, so all letters will fit in 1/2" and above circle, square or other shaped punch or die.

Stamp letters into the circle or flower border.

Use the solid and dashed lines to create interesting patterns or guidelines for the letters.

Use the solid or dashed line as a n accent pointing to the word or for a word to rest on.

Use the solid line for a flower stem.  Curve as desired for curvy stems or creating balloon strings.

Use the line as a guide for a banner to "hang" the individual triangles from. Stamp line first and then add triangles.  Use circles, small flower and small star to accent the pennants.

Use the triangle border to create patterns (you will not believe how many different looks you can get from this stamp!).  Stack the diamond border to create white triangles in between or the color of your cardstock, and stamp you letters onto the triangles or the negative space. Stamp the triangle border with points facing up, then flip and stamp just below with tips pointing down to create a diamond or harlequin pattern.
Stamp with points facing down,  turn stamp and fill in the negative space like a two step to have alternating colored triangles.

Accent the triangle patterns you make with the smaller triangle.

Use the teardrop and oval elements to create both leaves and flower petals.

Use the "is for" stamp with different letters in front of it for school or kids' themed projects, to start your greetings, or to use with different stamped images.  For example,  "B is for" and then stamp a butterfly image, or Bi s for and then stamp out a large birthday (single stamp form another set).  A wonderful fresh,way to use both your favorite images and sentiments with these letters but without a lot of spelling. Great for flash cards or homemade books, not just cards.

More to come!!

Supplies for card above:
Gina K. Designs Lots of Letters 2
Gina K. Charcoal Brown, Dark Chocolate, Ocean Mist, Prickly Pear ink pads
Pure Luxury Dark Chocolate and White cardstock

4” x 5 1/4” white mat


  1. I sooo am loving this set! Love now that we have caps and lower case! LOVE your dad's day card, awesome colors!

  2. Thanks for the tips Melanie. I'm already enjoying this set and I just ordered it. :) Now I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. All the cards are awesome that were at the party last night. I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite. I'll be watching for more tips. Happy Stamping!

  3. Just a great set all round. Thanks!

  4. Great card and a good way to more easily stamp individual letters. Great color choices.

  5. Thank you for the great tutorial and the inspiration from these fabulous, quick to make cards.


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