Thursday, June 16, 2016

Video: Stuff I Like: How to Apply Metallic Tats

Hey, everybody! Do you know how many emails I got about my "chain"? Wow!  So here's a little video, since I make videos. ;)

I also found a link for these on Amazon, click below. As you can see on that linked page, they are very well reviewed, 4.5 star average, and are from Hot Jewels (but fulfilled by Amazon), not a knock off. (To address the negative review, no, you do not need a heavy duty scrubber to remove.  Baby oil is great, just rub off with your poof in the shower. Promise. Just sayin'!)

Mmmkay, so right after I posted the video, they sold out, just like the stamp sets do! (but I'm sure they'll add more.) Here is another link I found for you, haven't tried this brand, but the designs look awesome, and the reviews are terrific. (I might need to add these to the cart, too. Feathers.....!)

Super cool for summer! And great for vacations, so you don't have to mess with jewelry, but still look great! Please enjoy this first "Stuff I Like" video! Yep, I like a few things other than stamps! ;)

UPDATE:  Gina just told me SHE sells them at Village Paper & Ink!  Not in the online store, though, retail location only.  But there's another endorsement! Fun times...

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