Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Secret is Out!

It's been hard to keep this a secret, but the secret is out!  
Gina, Theresa, Sean, Karen and I have have arranged a fantastic 3 day even for you in Greendale, WI if you are able to get in on registration!  Check out the amazing line up of events and stampy swag you'll be taking home if you do! We have some other surprised lined up as well, and I can't wait till you see the new stamps we'll be working with you and you'll get for free!  Click on the photo to maximize the details and see the agenda!  Gina said the calls are already coming in since her announcement this morning, but space is limited, so don't delay if you don't want to miss the biggest event Gina K. designs has put together!!  I can't wait to see the roster once spots are confirmed of who I'll be partying and crafting with! Yes!!!

 I've only gotten to meet Gina once in all our time working together, and NEVER met my other team members, so hanging at the store for several days with our StampTV fans is just a dream come true in so many ways! :)  Doesn't hurt that the village of Greendale is historic, perfect for tourists, and beautiful weather and fall colors that time of year.  Counting the seconds till I go on this marvelous adventure!


  1. I signed up already and am so excited to meet all of you- in person. What a fun time this will be!

  2. Magnificent! I'm sorry I'm so late for everything but you all will have major fun! I had no idea that you didn't have annual get togethers or anything like that, but life, family and $ can definitely be challenging to juggle. Enjoy, have a safe trip, and I'll be thinking of you all giggling and getting inky!!!!


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