Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dies and Stamps in Original A Year of Flowers/Pressed Flowers

Hello! I wanted to show you samples I made like the ones in our inspiration hop Monday with my stamps, dies and stencils, but instead using Pressed Flowers instead of Pressed Flowers 2 for a slightly different look!  See how the details in this set are more realistic?  Foliage stencil above, and Floral stencil below...

Pressed Flowers 

Pressed Flowers bold set fills the original A Year of Flowers line art set.  

The A Year of Flowers/Pressed Flowers die set to match both these stamp sets above can be found here

A Year of Flowers/Pressed Flowers dies
This set does not have dies that cut out the flower centers like A Year of Flowers 2/Pressed Flowers 2 does, but DOES have two stem dies (A Year of Flowers 2/Pressed Flowers 2 does not have stem dies).  You can use these with the A Year of Flowers 2/Pressed Flowers 2 stamps!  Same shape as the curved stem image in the Pressed Flowers 2 set, hurray! :)  This way we were able to give more dies you can use in each set without having to repeat shapes. Love it!

Scroll down a few days or click here to see the version I did with these stencils and Pressed Flowers 2 to compare the stamp image and die shape cut out.

A few customers have remarked they have tried layering a "1" stamp outline over a "2" bold stamp (the more sketchy, whimsical version) set and vice versa, and yes, you absolutely can mix up one of the realistic sets with the whimsical one for a really interesting look!  I will stamp up some samples to share!  Below you can see the two die sets also, so you can see that yes, you CAN try substituting one of the die sets to fit the other (1 with the 2's and vice versa), and it will be *somewhat* the same, but not an exact fit, with a rim all the way around, like when you are purchasing the set that coordinates.  Just match up the numbers (stamp set 1 and die set 1, or 2 with 2) when ordering to get what you need!  
So looking forward to the weekend!  New video coming up! I am so glad I have all 4 sets now to satisfy all my flower needs, when I I want to go a little more classic(1) or a little more lighthearted, loose and sketchy (2)! :)

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