Friday, September 28, 2018

Men of Faith and More Now Available! Tip Sheet, Part 1!

New stamps now available (you can see them all here in the What's New section) Here is one of the cards I shared last night, using both the new Men of Faith silhouette and words from the set to make my greeting, along with my female silhouette from Women of Faith. This set is truly a must have if you got Women of Faith before, or need a masculine set (because let's face it, our collections are all probably pretty floral/feminine heavy!), and I am so excited not only to use this new silhouette and all the sentiments, but to mix the two together. Because women are courageous, patient, giving, too..!

Today I also wanted to share the first part of my tips for this set.  All of it is too long for one post! And I'm just not ready to call it "done", because there are so many options with this set, times more than 2 if you have the coordinating set! Wanted to share some greeting combinations you can make, but this isn't all! There are about 60 words in this set (give or take, so many I lose track each time I count the plate and doubt myself!).  The should get you started

Be strong & courageous etc (insert adjectives here)
In the Storm, 
Through this trial, 
                      you are strong, faithful, patient, courageous
                      you were there (for me)
                      we are here (for you)
                      praying (for you)
                      he is there/kind/faithful etc
(you can also start your sentiment with these, to end with "in the storm" or "through this trial")
You are strong/patient/faithful/kind/gentle/Godly etc
             my rock
             a warrior
                        Godly husband/son/Dad etc
Love is patient/kind/ etc
So sorry (for your loss)
     thankful for you/us/your big day
We are praying
On Your Big Day
On my big day, you were there
I am thankful (for you)(son, husband, etc)
                       you are 
                                   my/our brother, child etc
For you (dad/husband, etc)
To my cousin/nephew etc
Praying for 
                   your peace
                   your husband/father/brother etc
Man of God
Great/Grand Father/Son/Child/Uncle
Step Father/Brother/Son

I wan to point out real quick, though (since I can't wait), that the woman can wear the necklace also!  On her neck or hands, facing right or up.  And the new cross is a two step filler for the cross in Women of Faith if you want to make the cross two tone. :)

Hope you will check out our team's inspiration hops next week, starting Monday!! Have a blessed weekend!  

PS: The font in this new set is the same as in one of bestselling sets. Which is it?

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  1. Melanie, this is an awesome set. I have a friend that's just starting radiation to be followed by chemo, so I see a lot of possibilities to make cards for him. The font looks like it will work with your Fabulous Frame series as well as some of your basket sets. It will also work with the Not Forgotten set that is retired. I love that you've included Great and Grand in the set, as well as Step. Thanks for the great start on the tip sheet. The samples last night were awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing lots more.

  2. LOVE all of your creations Mel as always, really loving the image sipping the coffee!! ha!


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