Thursday, July 1, 2021

Video: Say "Happy Birthday!" with Beautiful Bee and Beautiful Wings!

Hello! New video for you, thanks for your patience! This is a really fun one to make the balloons with the hexagon shape in each of the Beautiful Bees and Beautiful Wings sets! Look through your stash and see what other things you could have hold or be lifted up by this geometric bunch of balloons! Please enjoy!


  1. I enjoy all your videos Melanie. I also like the fact that you show mistakes, which we all make, and how to correct them. The ideas to add different things to complete the card are great too. Bee-autiful! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  2. Thank you, Melanie. I had forgotten the tip for placing the stamp into the cutout. I love the way you did the sky too. I always admire your talent. I am soo glad that you are a designer for Gina K. as she is my all time favorite. YouTube stopped sending me notices when one of my subs upload a video. I guess I am subed to too many channels and could not watch all of the videos.Love you, Joyce B. from Brandon FL.


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