About Me

About me:
I’m a native Texan, born in Galveston, having also lived in Houston and Dallas before settling in Austin when I came to The University of Texas for college.  I never left after graduating, this quirky, artsy, hilly, outdoorsy town is home.  I’ve always been a stay home mom since I had my children and was blessed to be able to start illustrating and designing for Gina K Designs nine years ago, the work being both a passion and helpful addition to support the family, which always allows me to be here for kids and husband, but since I love illustrating and designing, I never really call it “work”.  I got my first stamping tutorial book "A Year of Flowers: Creatively Stamped Cards for Every Occasion" published with Annie’s in January 2012 and my second book "Fabulous Stamped Frames" came out in 2013. I have other fun projects in the works but my main focus right now in addition to illustrating new sets and designing is creating instructional videos for my stamps on my Youtube channel.
About my family:
I met my husband Paul at a Christmas party almost 20 years ago and we’ve been together ever since.  We have two boys, Jonathan 13, and William, 11, and they are such a joy (and handful) I’ve never felt the need to try for a girl!   They’re all my best friends and I love our adventures. We live in a cute little home that was built in the 1940’s that my husband and I (mostly my husband)  remodeled and added on to ourselves.  It’s full of fun, art, LEGOs and pets: a cat, two fish tanks (salt and fresh) and outside a pond full of Koi and hutches full of rabbits.
When I started stamping and paper crafting:
In 2003, I knew I’d found my calling.  Being able to add the illustrating piece in 2008 reminded me that really one of my greatest gifts is a talent for drawing.  Starting a blog to share my designs and ideas reminded me that writing is the other.  Neither of these things had been part of my life for so long, but I’m grateful to be enjoying them again and blessing others for what I hope is a very long season. Before I was married, i was a trainer for four years, so teaching is gift that I've also been able to share since starting my Youtube channel in 2013. It's like we're stamping together when i demonstrate my cards, and I just love sharing all my tips and thoughts on my sets with our customers this way.
My favorite stamping tools are:
Pop dots, alcohol markers
My favorite stamp series I’ve designed are:
My frame sets, because  I love the fast, fool proof fantastic results they create as well as the ability to customize each in so many ways.
What I love that isn't stamping related:
Jesus, reading, writing, baking, traveling, beaches, films, learning, games, puzzles, challenges, finding activities to do and places to go with my sons, visiting museums, spending time with family, bargain hunting, Project Runway, chocolate, candles, inspiring quotes, bubble baths, nature, animals, pretty stuff, things that make me laugh, things that make me think, music, working out, Zumba, dancing, singing, browsing book stores and craft fairs, trying new restaurants, and showing friends the best of (what I believe) Austin has to offer.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and about you and your family. Praying for you. Melanie Watkins

  2. Thanx for sharing about you and your family.

    With respect to Stately Flowers, the purple violets calendar is a very pretty card, Love all your cards and videos.

  3. Just watched your Women of Faith video. Thank you for sharing your heart, so very sorry for your friend. Rejoicing he is with His Savior. Love your new stamp set. I have several of your other sets, but must add this one.

  4. Loving the Stately Flowers series. Are you planning to complete it and do all the states? Do you know when that will be released? My state is one of the last ones!

  5. why are there soooo many ads on the emai header page that I get from you?? Many times I will just Delete instead of muffling through it all.....don’t like it!!

  6. Hi Melanie, How do I find the videos using Holiday Frame on your blog? Are they all in one section? I have a number of your stamp sets. Thank you, Deborah

  7. I have come to your blog today to find what "Hands, Head and Heart" calls a 'cheater reflection' that she said she saw on your blog years ago. I have searched your blog with every title I can think of and have not found the instructions. Can you help? This is the card I am trying to get instructions for: https://craftingtheweb.blogspot.com/2010/08/peaceful-fishing.html - August 19, 2010. Thanks.

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