Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rub it On, Rub it In!

Here's a super quick card I made with "A Charmed Life" and the Holiday Metallic Rub on Paste, it's all I need to fill in both my red and white wines and shade and highlight the glasses!

The easiest way to do this and stay inside your lines, as well as keep your card from getting smudged it to create a reverse mask by stamping your glass on scratch paper, cutting out the image (save the cut out, we'll do masking techniques with that later!) and use the piece with the wine glass "window "(I labelled it so you can see and to remind me not to throw it away on the rare occasion I clean up! LOL!) to lay over your stampped image you'll be using on your project. Now get smudging! I used my pointer finger (but then I also used my middle and ring finger so I could go ahead and do the other two colors without having to get up and wash my hands! hee!), getting a little of the paste on the end and then rubbing it in circles, you will LOVE how shimmery the finished results are and how beautifully when blended it gives an almost translucent quality to the liquid, sheer elegance! on the glass base I followed the circular shape of the bottom with my finger to create some highlight and shadows, gives it such a nice reflective quality. I then added a touch of it OVER the red and gold and I was pleased to find this actually looks silver white, which looks like a perfect highlight also, glad to see it stood out over the darker color!

Last I rubbed the edge of the white mat with the silver, I'm just thrilled with how this turned out! did you know the rub on paste is only 4.59?? You can't beat the value! I was excited about it before as just an accent but I am really loving coloring with it this way now! For small tight areas on an image you could also try it with a Q-tip, paintbrush, toothpick, whatever fits!

I made this card for my mom and stepdad who just moved about an hour away from us, we are so glad we'll be seeing them more often! He likes his "red" and she likes hers "white", so it was fun to create this personalized pair of clinking, toasting glasses just for them! I added the little Star of David to his glass (SO glad to have some stamps for him now!) along with "L'Chaim!" inside the card. ("L'Chaim!" means "to life!", and we have a lot to celebrate!) The base is 4.25" square to fit in an A2 envelope, and the glasses just fit when I trimmed around the bottom of the base on both sides, I like the little bit that adds, as if I cut them out completely (but didn't! );)

Have a wonderful day, hope you have many blessings to count, and thank you for visiting!
I will be sharing some pics of birthday cards I received as soon as I get them uploaded, thank you everyone for the happy wishes! :)


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Ouuuuu! I love it. What a fantastic way to distress. Looks so classy. And cheers to you for the gorgeous layout with those clinking glasses. It looks so festive & fab! :O)

lisa808 said...

Looks like I could pick the glass up and take a sip! Gorgeous.

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said... the effect you got and thanks for sharing it!

Anita said...

Beautiful card! What a great item to color with.

Lori said...

How fun! Thanks for the ideas again!

Carla (cmsuto) said...

Wow! Those glasses of wine look fantastic with the metallic rub-ons, Melanie! I bought some in my last order when I saw that idea in your tip sheet! I put just a little of the red on my Pot Luck challenge card last week, but now I see there is so much more to do with the rub-on colors! Thanks so much for sharing the details!
Happy Birthday!!

scrappintlc said...

Beautiful card Mel. I too have the rub on paste but when I used it, it did not turn out like yours. I guess I have to get generous with it. LOL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your day was great.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

I LUV it!! Such a realistic look I never would have thought of!! Well, of course I'm not the artist!! LOL

Carolina said...

What a wonderful your card!

Latenightstamper said...

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