Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Here! Wee Tees Tip Sheet

That party last night ROCKED!!! :)

Finally the BABY version of one of your favorite Gina K sets "Little Tees" is here! I had so much fun creating "Wee Tees" (now available for purchase!) with my little ones' favorite things and it brought back sweet memories of our nicknames for them (they were both "little peanut"s) This month you have 67 greetings and images to work with (I didn't think I'd ever be able to make one with more than "Just So Sporty" LOL!) Enjoy throwing a onesie and all these new sentiments and images into the mix as you match up new cutesy sweats or make sporty baby clothes! Above I made a "studly" card with the onesie on Black Suede paper with "Born to Ride" from my "Tee Talk" set. Notice the metal dots on the snaps and cuffs? I put the big heart behind it like a tattoo...(stopped just short of a set of wings) ;) Wouldn't this be fun to give to a proud new dad (or mom!) with the inside reading "My Daddy rocks!" " ?

Trimming tips, make straight cuts around the numbers so you have little square or rectangle stamps for sticking on on your acrylic block. Trim the words that are under the images with one straight cut between so you can use them separately or line them back up and stamp together at once! Or just keep them together for easy stamping!

Stamped together they will fit in the SU! Tag punch, adorable way to quickly dress up a little gift!

Try out the cutesy images from Wee "Tees" on a "Little Tees" shirt or sweatshirt from "Just So Sporty", for a fun old school vintage style comic tee. Add the "Tee Talk" or "Just So Sporty"Sport words to the onesie for a budding sports hero! (Born to Run, Football Star, etc)

The onesie is perfect for paper piecing! Try two different prints so the inside is lined with a coordinating pattern like those upscale ones you see.

Draw a line through the middle and color or piece the bottom differently for a two piece outfit!

Cut off the sleeves to make a little strappy baby swimsuit (to go with those swim stamps from Sporty and Tee talk!) It'll be adorable on those beach and swim lessons pages for the summer!

Not just for pastels, make onesies with attitude! Think bold prints, distressed papers, fabulous colors!

Try the "Little Tees" images on the onesies, like the lightening bolt with "Super Baby" or smiley face with the shades...

Use the "I heart" from "Little Tees" with Mommy or one of the Wee tees images teddy bear, dinosaur, or any of your favorite images!

Punch the images out with a circle to look like an iron on for your colored, plain, or paper-pieced onesie.

The onesie will fit on the "Little Tees" hanger.

Draw a straight line across the bottom of the onesie just above the leg holes to make a shirt that is perfect for little boys and girl, this set will take them through several years of life!

Use the tiara and DIVA on the onesie from Little Tees or crown and little princess or prince from "Hip Hop Accessories". There is also a pacifier, rattle, party hat and safety pin in this set, perfectly sized!

You are going to love "THE BLOCK"! Stamp the numbers you need on the two front sides for your onesie or scrapbook page tags to say "I am 13 days old", "15 months old", "14 lbs", "6 lb 9 oz" etc!

Write in your baby's initial to the block sides for a monogrammed shirt. Stamp them if you have a mini but hand-drawn works so well with this set! :)

The tiny images are perfect stamped on the onesie, little tags, or to stamp quick monochromatic baby DP(think pink, blue or celery) or in black and colored in with just a few primaries!

Create a patterned DP to match your focal point using the images and words.

Make fun toy borders ( see Theresa's sample) or mask them into pile them into a corner to look like a kids closet)

Create a little bib with punches and Nestabilities you can stamp the sentiments onto for an adorable layered look!

Lots of fun images for the BOYS in this set: a doodle bug, peanut, digger, car, dino, train, space ship and piggy bank. They work for girls too of course! :)

Use the little "whoosh" stamp from "Jumping for Joy" or draw your own underneath the spaceship or behind the vehicles for some extra "go-go!"

Make a card for a new mom or parents with a two onsies on it little devil and little angel to let them know what they're in for! Fun for twins! ;)

Make a "progressive" card or page with the different sets to represent your child at different ages. A fun birthday card would show the onesie, then a tee to represent them as a child, and finally a sweatshirt with their favorite sport to represent them at present time as a tween or teen!

"Spit happens" can be a fun any time card or pick me up, just because it's cute!

Stamping on your photos:

Try taking a pic of your baby laying down wearing a plain onesie. Stamp the images onto the onesie in the photo for a fun addition to a card, announcement, or page!

Take a pic of your child with their arms outstretched or hands on hips. Print and cut out then make little shirts to go on him or her you can attache with magnets, a personal paper doll or magnet set for the fridge(I'm still working on ours , will share soon!)

Stamp the little halo in white StazOn over your little angel's head, beautiful on a sleeping pic!

The onesie is the perfect size to accent that beautiful phoot of a baby in frame or scrapbook page.

Create precious altered boxes or tins with the onesie for a little box to hold a hospital bracelet look of hair, etc!

add the animals from our other Gina K sets, click here to see the options!

Use the "party at my crib", "bring your own bottle" for invites. "Jumping for Joy" has time date, RSVP etc stamps perfect to finish out the invitation!

Add "bug" to "lady" and "doodle".

Add "baby" to "super" and "fly"

"Little" can be trimmed to go with Stinker, Devil , Angel, brother, or sister.

Cut out or use the fancy corner punch to create little wings to put on the back of the onesie to use with "Little Angel".

"I'm here!
out of this world!

Gina's "How Sweet it Is" has several coordinating longer phrases in the same font for the inside or soutside of your card! and even a STORK, how perfect is that?!

Use Carolyn's Nurse Feelgood with the onesie to thank the hospital nurse or on announcement to share the news of a special delivery! :)

Send a family member a card from your baby with the onesie on it letting them know that "My Grandma/Grandpa etc rocks!" Looking for more relations stamps? cousin aunt uncle are in "Hip hop Accessories" and the fonts blend beautifully!


baby showers-try the onesie as cute cupcake toppers, tags for party favors etc
stamped onesies (real ones I mean!) of course!
birthday invites or announcements
calendars showing important dates , weigh ins, etc
scrapbook pages
So much more you can do with this set, I look forward to sharing more soon! :)


  1. Love all of these tips!!! I chose mine for winning the scrapbook challenge on StampTV and see now that I need more sets to coordinate with it. :o) Thanks for the list and your card is adorable! Nice layout and love the silver.

  2. Oh my gosh! I can't say that "spit happens" properly! LOL It just doesn't READ in my mind that way!! And I am in shock when I first see it! LOL Sowwwy. LOL GREAT ideas!! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Thanks for the tip sheet - this set is on my wish set - I wish I had read your tip sheet before I cut out my just so sporty set =( - it would of made the stamps so much easier to use! I now know, check here first - I wonder why Gina does not package these tips with the stamps when she ships them out - they are very valuable!
    thanks again for sharing your wisdom and talents.

  4. OMG! This tip sheet is great...thanks so much for all the ideas and inspirations.

  5. Rockin tips Mel. But wait - LITTLE TEE hangers? What am I missing? What, where, who, how?? Please tell me....

  6. Great tips. The set is absolutely fabulous.


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