Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blog Candy Winner!

Thank you for your feedback on your favorite pubs and blogs on my blog candy post, it is very helpful! A goal of mine is to submit to more publications, although I will never stop submitting to CardMaker! Getting published in multiple places requires being extremely organized with all the different deadlines and submission processes, so for me that will be a bigger challenge than making the projects! There are several card calls closing this week, so I have made an effort to submit to a couple new ones for me (a few of which coincidentally many of you said you love!), and am happy to report I did have success with one, coming in September of this year! more on that soon, It is a fantastic pub, filled with so many things I was inspired to make but is not one that was mentioned here among your favorites (from those who commented anyway) , so I guess I'll need to give away another issue when it comes out! :)

So, the winner!! The signed CardMaker copy goes to:

Patti P. said...
Mel, so sorry that you are still not feeling any better...will continue to pray for you. I love Cardmaker and Papercrafts, but at the moment neither of my subscriptions are current. I do have all my old magazines, whatever they are that I go back and look at...would never get rid of them. Ha Congrats on your success. Will buy this issue if I do not win.

May 3, 2010 2:44 PM

Congrats Patti, please send me your snail mail addy so I can pop it in the mail to you!

I'll be back with the "answer" to my "I Spy" challenge, I have not read the same answer twice and it is cracking me up LOL! so much so, that I don't really think there is one right answer, some of the ones you pointed out were ones I hadn't counted, hee hee! I'm going to take a few pics to show you were a few hidden ones are, again just for fun! :)

And soon, on update on "my condition". This morning I am hopeful I may be about to turn a corner, although to use another cliche I will also say it is always darkest before the dawn, and yesterday I felt HORRIBLE! so I must be about to get better! Talk to you soon!


Tina Gilliland said...

You so rock with all your pubs. I think the stamp/card world has finally realized you are TOPS in all your work!!!! YAY YOU!!!

I hope you are doing better too. I will keep you in my prayers, my dear friend. *HUGS*

Jennie said...

Congrats Patti! It is a great issue and know you will enjoy it.
Kudos to you Mel for branching out and trying for more publications...looking forward to seeing what you have in September :o) I am sure it takes more organization, but you can do it, get a BIG calendar with a BIG red marker, lol! Hope/pray the hand improves...

Deebi27 said... are so real in all the projects I have ever seen. Given the right tools of the trade and a whole lot more creativeness zing that I can mustard, I might be knocking at your door. LOL!!!!! Your skill is exactly why I keep coming to your site to see all the you have to offer. I never walk away disappointed...YOU are fantastic!!!!
Here's hoping you continue to improve to full health!!!