Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 3 with Sue Van DeVusse

Hello, more "Gifts from the Sea" inspiration from Sue today! I love this deep, deep blue she chose to go with the ivory and the addition of this paper thin cork to the project. Something else I find notable about her design is how well her layout speaks to this quote: "Faith is knowing there is ocean because you have seen a brook." (Isn't that a beautiful message? Gina found this one for the set!) :) You have the sentiment on the left and a little row of shells travelling to the right, one by one til they finally meet this larger circle with a bigger shell, echoing how a small brook gets larger and larger til finally it opens out to the ocean. Bravo, Sue, I just think card is brilliant!

Now last thing I want to point out but not least, today Sue shares one of my favorite dollar store finds and tips EVER! I've been seeing some cool netting on "Gifts from the Sea" projects and been having a bit of net envy, thought I was going to have to go hunting at my craft store for some net. Well, that Sue is just so smart, she found a laundry bag at the dollar store and can just cut up a piece in the size she needs and ink it up in just the color she wants (use a sponge or brayer), is that awesome or what?? I LOVE IT!!

Now let's go see one more card from Sue, she incorporated another unexpected dollar store texture you will love!


  1. Very cool with the navy color and that laundry bag is just soooooo creative!! Awesome card.

  2. Sue, your card is just beautiful!! You are rocking this set!!! Way to go!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Now that's using the old noggin with the laundry bag idea!

  4. What a beautiful card Sue made! I love the deep blue, the cork and the super creative use of the laundry bag!


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