Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Spy with my little eye...

So this "I spy" challenge to figure out how many times you can spot my projects in the CardMaker issue, is even tougher than I originally thought!! Here are a couple that I thought no one might get, along with some people did find, maybe even being more spot on than I was with what is the best answer!

The copy arrives and I always have to go hunt for the projects they accepted! When I opened the cover, I was surprised with a few I have done in issues for them this past year. That is my tulip card on the computer screen advertising the digital version of the magazine, with a magnifying glass you might be able to make out my name! (does it count as two because they show two views??? I don't know!!) But two uncredited ones I have on this page are on the covers below, no, not the featured project, but the little thumbnails at the top LOL! One is a Halloween card and the other is a Christmas tin and matching card (and does that one count as 1 or 2 projects??) If you knew these were my cards, you've been following CardMaker and my blog for awhile now!

Another tricky one is this small thumbnail for a project that was featured on a full page earlier in this issue, but it has a template so you see it twice. But as Darla pointed out, you could call that 1 or 4 , with the sleeve and three different cards from the set showing! (and then multiple that by 2 since it's shown twice? oy! I'm confused!)

Last, although it doesn't say my name either , the editor blessed me with a little teaser of my "Inspiration Mosaic" feature in their upcoming issue, this is one of three projects using the mosaic you'll see.

Darla, I think you were the closest, and seemed to spend the most time leaving no page unturned LOL! so please send me your addy and I will send you a little thank you card for playing and reading! :)
Have a great day!

*I know some people who get these digital subscriptions and really like them, there is no waiting for a paper copy in the mail, it arrives in your inbox as soon as the magazine is available, plus you have access to the back issues, which rocks! Might be something you'd want to look into! However, I really enjoy having a hard copy to tote around so I can tell my friends and family "Looky!" ;)


  1. OK I don't know personally but I imagine tat you would never get tired of seeing your artwork in print? Congratulations,

  2. Congratulations on being pulbished so often, it has to be wonderful!!! happy for you, your work is always gorgeous!

  3. Thanks Melanie!!
    Part of the reason I subscribe to CardMaker is the fact that the Gina K designers tend to be in it more than any other mag. :)
    I must have read that issue 10 times the day it came so knew where quite a few were before I even opened it. haha
    I Can't believe I missed those two on the inside cover.. I even have that issue!! Shoot! lol

    Off to email you my addy now.


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