Friday, December 5, 2008

EEK!!! Storage from Heaven!!!

you've gotta to go Gina's blog right now!! Not only is she giving something away, but you are gonna flip when you see it, read about it!!! I received one binder box and a page in each of our new release sets a couple days ago, and I had to call her and gush as soon as I opened my package, I was so impressed with the quality and practicality of it!!! Only when I read her post though did I discover how easy they'd be to decorate, I had to go back and check my box LOL!!
(Come back in a minute after looking at it and I'll tell you even more!!)

Now after you leave her a comment (and I hope YOU win!), start getting organized right now and go count up the number of bagged Gina K designs sets you own! Write this number down (for me, 24). Now divide by 2. This number is how many pages you need for all your sets because you can store 2 sets per page, one on each side! (for me, 12) Now divide this number by 4, as they come in packs of 4! This number is how many packs you'll want to order, only 2.95 a pack! (I need 3, because all sets after next week will already have a page included in the bag, yippee!) Now a binder box can hold can hold 4 sets of stamps, so divide your original number (of stamp sets) by 4, this is how many boxes you'll want! ( I need 6, but I'm going to go ahead and add an extra, becuase I'll have more sets coming in JANUARY!) :)

I just think it's a good idea to figure these things out before you get to that ordering page, because I have a feeling they're going to be selling fast!!! And while you can always use more boxes later, it's easy to get confused during that shopping frenzy and realize later (when the box arrives at your house!) you bought way more or less than you needed! (ever done that before? (raising hand)) Of course you don't have to get them all at once, but I would buy the pages immediately (all my new pages will cost less than 9 bucks, for 24 sets of stamps, is that affordable or what??), they are much larger than the sheets that adhere to the Ezmount on the back of the stamps, which is how I "store" mine currently and there's very little wiggle room, also they stop wanting to stick to that over time, so my "storage" has really just become a jumbled stack on my desk! It is amazing how firmly they stick to these sheets and they are nice and thick plastic, not flimsy/flippy! I also love how easily the binder rings open and close! I just checked to see if the hole placement would fit a small binder I had on hand, it DID, but it's open on the sides and I'm happy to pay a little for the security of knowing my teeny stamps are snapped shut in the binder box since I do intend now to try to stamp "on the go" more often since I have these! Plus it just looks so nice and can be stacked or stood up on a shelf whereas regular binders always want to sliiiide over, KWIM?

Oh, I can't just say enough about how GREAT I think this new system is!!!! (can you hear me yelling??!) I plan to take some pics of my "before" and after storage once we can show you the new stamps next week, but the pics on Gina's site I think already speak volumes about how terrific they look/work ;)

Available next Thursday!!! :)


  1. I can't wait for store to open (lol). I've got smaller ones for other (gasp) stamp sets, and these look like they'll be perfect for all the Gina K sets. Looking forward to seeing your before and after storage solutions.

  2. I can't wait to get these either Melanie! I already know that I need 2 binder boxes with 8 sheets, and I'll have a couple extra, but that's for future purchases, right? LOl!

  3. WooooHoooo!!!! I'm in LOVE!!!! An organization system I can totally use!!! I don't even want to say how many boxes I need!!!! LOL

  4. very cool idea I love it. My after christmas winter project is to shape up my stamp area and scale it down

  5. I'm loving it already. I can't wait to see the before and after shots. ty for your review on an awesome looking product.


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