Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"School, Sport, Spirit!" Tip Sheet

"School, Sports, Spirit!" perfectly captures and celebrates you and your kids year round sports and school activities and events, from the first day of school to the last! This set coordinates with "Just So Sporty", "Tee Talk" and "Sporty Accessories". With all 4 sets you can do practically any sport or pastime you could ever want! "Little Tees" works , too (the letter jacket of course fits on the hanger) :)

Two new greetings are included for your favorite pennant and megaphone stamps from "Sporty Accessories", perfect way to cheer on your students from beginning to end of the year!

Bag it: piece the bag with cool papers or use your school or favorite colors. The tiny words from this set and Sporty Accessories can be stamped on the front pocket. or you can write the person's name to personalize.

Cut a slit in the bag along the zipper and have your gear sticking out! Example: the baton or goggles from Sporty Accessories. Now you just assume the bag is stuffed with all SORTS of other twirling or swimming accouterments! This is great for a sport that may only have one or two images in the set, just place them next to the bag like shoes or a ball, and you have a nice large stamped focal point for your project.

Cut in between the handles and loop the sleeve of the letter jacket or Sporty Accessories cheer outfit through to hold the bag.

Place the small words or images from either set on top of the trophy as a topper.

Stamp off when using the baton, turning it again and again, this will look like it's in motion, whirling through the air. This would a fun way to toss the graduation cap as well!

Trim the curved "Go for the Goal!"separately and use it over your images like the trophy or any other image you choose(how about the round images in Rupa's "Back to School" set?) Stamp it above and below a smaller image like a ball and you now how a little medallion for your circle punches! Place it on top of a scalloped circle with a ribbon to look like a prize ribbon.

Make fun "couple cards" with the pairs of skates or the letter jacket and cheer outfit! Try linking their arms!

Place a ball from "Sporty Accessories" in between the pockets on the jacket it will look like the arms are holding it. Have fun tucking different things under the sleeves (bat, trophy, etc)

Hang the jacket on the locker. Small words like "MVP" can be stamped on the chest or sleeve.

GRADE can be stamped with the numbers and abbreviations above or below from "Just So Sporty" for all your photos and scrapbook pages to make 1st grade, Grade 10 etc.
Stamp it above the A+ from Rupa's new School set!

Tuck the trophy under the sleeve of the jacket or at the end of the sleeve on the cheer outfit.

Pair the helmet or the hat from "Just So Sporty" with the new jacket.

The women's skates are posed to look perfect when stamped under the "cheer" costume.

The greetings "Perfect Match" and "You Aced it!" are perfect with the tennis images.

Pop up the basketball from "Sporty Accessories" to use with the net. Swish!

The homecoming mum can be "pinned" to the locker or cheer uniform.

The cheer outfit can become a twirling or ice skating costume. Bedazzle it with your rhinestones and glitter!

Small words and images can be stamped on the helmet.

Omit SKATE from the greeting and substitute words from Just Sporty to say "Get your Game on!" or Get your Dance on! "Get your twirl on!" etc

Put the letter jacket over the cheer outfit for a cute "boyfriend" card! :)

Omit the "1st" from the ribbon image when stamping if scrapping an event that won a different place and write in 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Stamp the shoe again and again up and down like it's running across the card!

Omit the cleats and now you have a running or other flat soled shoe that works for almost any sport or dance discipline.

Make a card with the letter jacket of your sweetheart to let him know he's still your "big man on campus!" :) or that you share his excitement about the upcoming big game!

Use "We are the Champions" to scrapbook any achievements or cards celebrating any victories with friends (weight loss, care walk, etc)


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coach gifts and thank yous


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  1. Oh, love the way you used the spiral punch along the bottom! Great card and wonderful tip sheet :o) You ROCK!

  2. Love this card and all lthe tips! I just started playing with the new set yesterday and now I can try all these new, fun ideas! Thanks!

  3. Dig this card Melanie! Especially the colors. Your coloring is awesome! My son goes to the University of Michigan. :o)

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  4. Mel,

    This is such an awesome card! It's really fantastic the way you set the scence!


  5. Great card!!! Love the tip sheet as always - My DD started HS this year so I am sure I will be using this set alot!!!!


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