Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday StampTV! (and a little tutorial)

I can't believe it's been a year since the inception of StampTV! In some ways, it's gone by in a blur, but in others I can barely remember what it was like before this community got off the ground, you know?! You also know Gina has all sorts of fun things and freebies planned, including a new and improved release party for our March release next week, so stay tuned! Here is a simple birthday card I made in honor of the occasion, kind of a "fill in the blank, paint by number" card if you will, using "Arranged with Love" and "Pressed Flowers"! :) Start by stamping the Arranged with Love frame in black onto Pure Luxury White and trim.
Now take the bold images from Pressed Flowers you want to spotlight in the frame, here I chose the roses and a shade of pink. Mask off the edges of the frame and stamp!

You could leave it like that and mat it onto coordinating black and colored base for a sweet monochromatic card. You might choose to do just one flower instead in an eyepopping color for a spotlighting effect, OR you could keep adding more color, see below...
Now I'm doing the rose leaves in light green. In addition to the post it notes for the straight edges, you'll also need a mask of the rose you cut from sketch paper to cover the flower before stamping.
You can compare the different looks, both versions took under 10 minutes. If you have more masks cut out, it is a snap to add more flowers and color if you wish. If you'd like to add shadowed areas to these images instead of solid color, just color them directly onto your stamps with markers.* Then add a little bling with some pearls and rhinestones and a ribbon to take it up another notch!
I hope this is helpful to show the possibilities with these two sets! :) Happy birthday StampTV! Thank you for such a fun year...and many mooooooooooooooooooore!
*I am working on a post showing each of the bold images in the set which I have photoshopped to show the exact areas for you to add your darker colors to get realsitic shading when stamping these images, think you will find this very helpful! coming soon!


  1. So you stamped the color over the stamp? I understand masking, but how did you line it up so well? Great card by the way, striking.

  2. Oh that was very helpful. Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks so much for all your wonderful info.

  3. Again - THANKS for the reminder that simplicity is elegant and beautiful - and quick! :)

  4. Lovely Melanie! Beautiful with just the roses and leaves, great job :o)

  5. Gorgeous! Wow, sounds like you are working on a very helpful idea! Black and white, w/ a splash of pink! :)

  6. Neat work, you're very talented.


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