Sunday, March 7, 2010

We are the Champions

Hello! Sorry I've been MIA, my DH was out of town so I was solo for a weekend with the kids and a weekend o' sports! Oh, I stamped a little bit, but not much I can show you just yet, most of it's for our next release!! But there is a little stampy sporty something at the end... :)
Here's William and his soccer "Dream Team", otherwise known as the Blue Jets. William rocked. I think the word is already on the streets that they will be tough to beat, they won their game Saturday 13-0. The tiny one up front in the pink glasses is the star, scoring the most goals, she is FAST!
Next up, we had Jonathan's baseball game, here he is a bat. They won their game 14-11. He had a great game, with a double and a triple, he is my "big" slugger.

I spent a couple hours Friday afternoon, instead of cardmaking, working on the baseball poster since I'm the team parent, they hang it on the dugout to help all the patrents know who's who, makes it easier to cheer for everybody when they are wearing those batting helmets! I had fun photoshopping up some balls and pennants, and of course adding a few stamp images from my sporty sets. ;)

Here is a closeup that uses both "Just So Sporty" and "Sporty Accessories". Wish I'd gotten a better pic, but it was a rainy day when I took this!
Lots of fun things coming up , an "Arranged with Love" sample using the new "Pressed Flowers", and a little tutorial of how to color all the bold blooms to get some great Direct to Stamp effects! Thanks for visiting, have a great week!


  1. The boys are so cute!!! Such a good team parent...nice poster!!!

  2. Enjoy these years with your children and their sports.....I really do miss it......

  3. I'm with Gloria...sure do miss those days! they fly by so fast! loved you sharing these with us - awesome poster!!

  4. Awesome poster Melanie! How fun!

  5. How fun! Outdoor soccer and baseball, sighhhhh. Soon we will be outdoors again, (Michigan), too! Your poster is spectacular, and what a help for the parents!

  6. Great photos! Such precious memories captured. They all look happy.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  7. Youthful sports keep parents in line, scheduled, perking! Perky is your player lineup poster, Mel. That is one super idea for relatives who visit during game day and want to knowledgeably support 'the team'.
    Remember the wearin' o' the green = grass stains. Such a season at hand, Easter, uplifting others with a victory chant of praise may engulf us. Keep Looking UP!


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