Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cake Decorating 101

Hi! Today I wanted to share a "Candles on Your Cake" card using a little reverse masking and one of Nina's "Vintage Backgrounds", this beautiful lace trim is perfect for making an extra fancy cake!
First stamp the cake image onto scratch paper. Leave plenty of room on either side so you don't have to worry about getting a large image you will be stamping over it onto your card or mat.
Then cut out just the side of the cake, not the top. This way your design will look like you only decorated the edge and make it look more three dimensional. A houndstooth print or something that is the same continuous pattern would look good on both surfaces, but since this lace looks like it is laying flat on something, stamping it this way will make it look like it is wrapped around the cake (refer to card sample).
Then place it over your stamped cake on card stock. Now you can stamp any image over it and then remove the mask. Save it and keep it with your set so you don't have to do it again! I recommend creating a second mask stamping out another cake and cutting out the whole image top and sides, but not the platter for when you want a continuous pattern on the top of the cake as well.

I stamped the candles on in Vivid Coffee Bean, filled in the open areas with a pink marker and added flower toppers. then I repeated the background on the Innocent Pink mat. This mat with the Chocolate Brown scalloped square cut out is a scrap left over on my desk from when I die cut a square mat I don't remember how long ago! Adding this scrap negative area to my card makes for a much more interesting sketch and still allows the border to peep through.
I embellished the border and cake some adhesive pearls and then made a little tag from a Cuttlebug die with a greeting and heart from the same set and wrapped it around the top with some striped ribbon.
I hope you like this card and gives you some fun ideas for decorating your cake! It was important to me you would have lots of options for customizing it and the plain bold image was the very best way!
Hope you have a wonderful week, Jonathan gets out of school tomorrow we are so excited to start our summer! :)


  1. That is so totally cool! But I am so TOTALLY lost as to how you did that! LOL I read it three times!!! I don't get why you cut it out? Ohhhh I'm just so... boggled today. LOL Probably you wrote it well but I am not getting it! LOL

  2. Gorgeous! And great idea for decorating the cake!!!

  3. What a beautiful card! Great job with the reverse masking. Wonderful idea!

  4. I love that method. It makes the cake look so much more 3-d.
    I also love the idea of tying a bow with a ribbon tag.
    thanks for both great ideas.

  5. What a fantastic idea - your cake is beautiful - the whole card is!!!

  6. Love this idea! Looks great.

  7. Sooo pretty, Melanie. I love it!


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