Friday, June 25, 2010

Hats &More...

So I haven't had as much time to play around with my stamps this past month with school being out, but I knew the party hat from "Candles on Your Cake" would have have some fun "out of the box" potential once I had more time to play! Cathy Tidwell's brilliant party banner card pictured above, made by trimming the puff off the top and stringing them along her card top, got me kicked into high gear! :) Thanks Cathy for the terrific inspiration!

Now another way to use the hat is turn it upside down and make it an ice cream cone! Snip off the bottom and add some punched 3/4" circles in the colors of your choice and trim off the bottom of the scoop.
Aren't these colors fun?? Pure Luxury Sweet Mango, Wild Dandelion, Turquoise Sea, Ocean Mist and Grass Green. I made this card for William's girlfriend (excuse me, former girlfriend, now they're just friends!) who turned 5 yesterday, so I made 5 cones along with the "You're this many!" (love when kids say that!) and stamped up a background on my white card base to match with 5's in matching colors. Punch is Threading Water, ribbon is from a StampTV kit. Hope these projects inspire, any out of the box ideas you have for the hat or any other image in the "Candles on your Cake" set? I'd love to see! :)

Peeks start in 2 days (do you think you know which set is mine?), so I have been furiously stamping up storm for it, get ready for this, pain free! It is the first time I have truly been able to enjoy stamping in a several weeks without the distraction of a burning, tingling wrist and thumb! So thank you all for your encouragement and prayers and I pray I will stay healthy! I have been commited to stretching and taking breaks which has been helping, too.

Have a terrific weekend!!


  1. So happy your hand is feeling better! Love your card! So colorful.

  2. FABULOUS... love both those cards. OMGosh snowcones are the bomb with my kids!! I'm so glad you wrist and thumb are better now! Yayyy for Prayers!!!!

    I think I can guess which is yours. *smile*

  3. A-do-ra-ble! So glad to hear you've been able to stamp "pain-free!" :)

  4. Hey, I know that card! LOL!! and O.m.g. the snow cones! how stinking cute is that?!! LOVE it Mel!

    so tickled to hear you are pain free! That just zaps any creativity I know!


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