Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Fun Year Round" Tip Sheet

Here is the beginning of my tips and ideas for "Fun Year Round", I will probably need to do a Part 2 as I have more time to experiment and make examples for the ideas below, I just didn't want to delay posting this any longer!
Mount the trimmed frame on a 6x6" block, which Gina K carries here. Align the top of the frame with a line on the block. See this post for a pic and instructions for how to stamp it perfectly into a corner with out needing a positioner and only have to trim on both sides, faster and less waste of paper!

Stamp focal points, from the set or other images, onto round die cut and place over the frame.

Create masks to keep with your set: one where you trim out the entire inside of the frame so you can place this window over your stamped frame and then stamp or sponge inside of it and remove your mask, see this post. Punch out circles of various size, keep the circles to place over areas you don't want to have a stamped image in, but also save the negative part, so that you can center a round window over a circle on the frame and stamp something it it, then remove the mask.

The circles have been thoughtfully arranged with your greetings and other stamp images in mind! You can flip this frame 4 different directions for vertical or horizontal cards and you will have a large or small circle waiting for you to add your sentiment or image in a pleasing spot that follows the rule of the thirds.

The tiny circles in the corners are perfect for adding a little brad, eyelet or button.

The circles range inside from 1/2" to 2", so Circle Nestabilities are terrific for layering, paper piecing, or creating masks.

Create a paper pieced look by just punching circles of various sizes from DP or colored cardstock and then placing them over the stamped circles in the frame.

Center small images inside the small circles, large ones over the large circles. Offset them for a little more whimsical feel or stamp several of the images from the set into one of the larger circles.

Stamp onto colored paper with a coordinating ink for a more subtle look or dark or contrasting ink for a stronger look.

Stamp over DP to frame up parts of your prints in circles or to create a different look to the print, make a vintage one more modern or whimsical, etc...

If you are adding a die cut focal point over the frame, place it in the center of a group of circles like the circles in the frame are radiating out from it, or place it over a spot where two or three circles intersect.

Punch out a larger area of the frame to reveal a stamped greeting or sentiment inside your card.

Stamp the frame and then create a scene with your stamps or stamp large images over it, then use the different circle with the spotlighting technique coloring in just certain parts of the images framed up in the circles, or color them all but use slightly different colors. This will give a fun magnified or "bug-eye" effect!

Punch small circles or flowers out of the frame to reveal the mat underneath like I did in the sample below, I used a Cropodile and 1/2" circle punch. You can then stamp another round or flower element inside this cut out area.

Frame up round embellishments in the circles on the frame, large and small buttons, brads, paper or punched flowers, pearls, rhinestones, etc.

Color in the different circles with different colors to create a multi layered look, or color in the areas around the circles inside the frame to really make the circles pop. each image has coordinating smaller images that you can 2 step stamp inside the larger image in another color. It is easier to stamp the larger element first and then the smaller element inside. use the matching one of r mix and match the different elements.

The flowers and "snowflakes" fit the Jumbo and Extra Jumbo Marvy Flower punches. The jumbo will be a perfect fit and the Extra Jumbo will provide a rim around the image or be perfect for creating mats for the smaller jumbo punched elements.

The snowflakes also look like the middle of flowers when you stamp them over the flowers. You get two very different looks by lining up the 6 pointed images, or offsetting them so that the second stamp image falls between the 6 points of the first stamped image. Try both. Similarly, you can get two different looks when you line up the Marvy punch to punch it out exactly or turn it a few degrees so they end overlap the punched sides, try both ways!

Stamp the round greetings over the larger flower or snowflakes elements or stamp the smaller images or button images inside. Stamp these in Stazon Ink onto buttons or circle punches.

Create terrific patterns using the smaller elements without the frame. Make your pattern symmetrical by using the line provided in the set, following instructions in this post.

Small elements make beautiful tags and borders, and are perfect for stamping into the inside of your card or flap of your envelope for perfect coordination.

The small elements also are perfect for stamping on the backs of you card like a logo where you sign your name.

Create a photo collage by punching out circles in various sizes from photos, magazines, post cards, etc and placing them over the stamped frame.

Use the long line to create interesting geometric backgrounds, by either stamping at random or diagonally to have them cross like Gina did here, make stripes by stamping them parallel, perpendicular for a grid or checkerboard, and in different colors for plaids, etc.

Okay, more later, that should get you started!


  1. you are a true artist!
    love your tips!

  2. I just received this stamp set today and I'm sooo excited to try some of these great tips. Thank you, Mel.

  3. Do you ever sleep? Your mind seems to go on and on as these cards ideas are cranked out. Thanks ever so much!


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