Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still Kissing!

Hello! Today's "Wild at Heart" sample uses the kissing technique again, but this time, I did not ink up the entire frame before kissing on another color. The stamp starts out clean and dry, and then I just kissed the inked up (Vivid Coffee Bean) herringbone strip from "Vintage Backgrounds" across, starting at the bottom working my way up, reinking the stamp each time. Near the top I started stamping off just a bit so the top would be slightly lighter, just to add more interest. Once the whole frame was covered, I stamped it onto White. Isn't that cool how much of the pattern it picked up and how textured it looks? The herringbone is well suited for this because the pattern is so fine and dense. You could also use a larger scaled patterned stamp with more spaces in between, but you will lose more of the flower details that way if you have n't inked the frame first, make sense? Even the border looks like it is stitched all the way around, love it! The result reminds me of some earthy, woven piece of fabric with a subtle, nature print...
Here is my finished card. I layered it onto Cranberry Tart and Soft Sand CS and added a greeting and label from "Versatile Verses". I kept it simple and finished it with some Chocolate Mix buttons and silk ribbon to add shine. I think I could maybe even get away with giving this to a man, guys don't notice much, those faded flowers might go right over his head LOL!

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  1. that is a different look - just got mine and will start inking it up! great tips for this set (-:
    another beautiful card...

  2. What a cool look, Melanie! Love it!

  3. Great colors and a great idea!

  4. I love kissing - ummm - stamp kissing that is! :-) Great card!


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