Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wild at Heart Tip Sheet

Thank you for attending our release party! I am SO excited about this new set "Wild at Heart" from Gina K Designs! I will be uploading samples with all the following tips I mention soon! :)

The stamp can be turned any direction for your cards. "Sideways" or "upside down" will make the flowers look like creeping, or hanging vines, rather than rooted in the ground.

Stamp the frame onto your envelope front or flap for perfectly coordinated ensembles.

Ink up the background with a brayer and a spectrum pad (check out this beautiful Autumn Leaves pad, new at Gina K Designs!) and stamp, for a gorgeous, gradient effect!

Ink up the different sections with different markers where they are divided by the stems. Completely filled in, when you stamp it the frame will look like panes of stained glass.

With markers, ink over just the borders and trace over the the flowers and stems images. When you stamp, you won't see a solid background, just the borders and flowers.

Ink up the background in a light color, then use a marker in a darker shade to go around the underside of the flowers and stems for a beautiful monochromatic embossed leaf that will really make the images pop!

Stamp the background in one color. Now stamp it again in a different color and cut out the blooms to pop up over the first background you stamped. Or, cut them in half or into sections and place one colored side over the other like the Split Negative technique.

Ink up the background and kiss patterned stamps all over it in a darker color before stamping, example polka dots or crackle, your flowers will really pop away from the pattern!

Kiss a very dense, tiny texture all over the uninked frame stamp, for example the herringbone pattern from "Vintage Backgrounds". This will make the frame look like it's been woven with a stitched border, a gorgeous textured look where you can still see the floral pattern! (I'm very excited to show you this one!) :)

Swipe different colored ink pads across the background and stamp like improvising your own spectrum pad.

Mist the inked background with water and stamp it for a watercolor effect.

Stamp and cut out the blooms to embellish other mats with flowers.
Pop up the cut blooms over the stamped background for dimension.

Stamp the background over patterned or colored paper, the print or color will show through in the flower and stem areas.

Use the stamped frame and a perfect background for any stamped flower focal points or nature scenes you create, the flowers are arrange in a rule of thirds fashion that creates a beautiful, balanced backdrop no matter where you place your new stamped flowers!

Stamp in a darker color over lighter colored cardstock for a brocade or embossed look, example, dark blue ink on powder blue paper.

Stamp frame in Versamark onto colored cardstock for a subtle watermarked effect. This is also a beautiful way to stamp the inside of you cards for subtle florals behind your written message.

Stamp frame in Versamark and coat with Pearlex Powder, the result will look like shimmering silk!

Emboss the background with clear powder or colored powder and then go over the areas not embossed with markers, filling in the stems with green, flowers in the colors of your choice, making a negative of the stamp!

Ink up the background in a light color, and stamp one of the greetings directly over it in a darker color.

Stamp in two different colors and then die cut or punch different shapes out from one color, example circles, hearts, flowers etc and line them up over the first stamped background. Or, use these cropped or die cuts parts of the background as layers on your other cards.

Die cut a large window into the stamped frame and add the greeting.

Die cut the greetings in a different shapes and pop up over the stamped frame.

Stamp the background out two of three times in different colors on the same color paper, example, white. Now cut them up into sections and layer or puzzle them back together so the flowers line up but the sections are different colors for a very modern color blocked look.

Sponge different colors onto smooth white or glossy cardstock, then stamp the frame over it in black or brown , allowing the colors to show through the flower areas, a faux "Joseph's Coat" look, without embossing!

Emboss the frame in metallic powder for a quick and truly elegant card!

Crop out the middle of the frame into any die shape you want for beautiful printed die cut.

Add different colors to the frame quickly by keeping them all in the same warm or cool color group, example: ink up the whole frame with a yellow pad, then go over the flower centers in orange and the petals in red, then stamp. (But if you try to add blue over the yellow inked stamp, this area will turn green, so keep them in the same color family when you are inking over something already inked so the color stays true.)

Stamp the "Thank You" or Friend" up along one of the stems.

Ink up the parts of the sentiment in the different font with a different color to make them pop.

Add glitter, micro beads, fun flock or flower soft to the flower centers.

Add rhinestones or pearls to the tiny round buds shooting off the stems.

Add buttons to the flower centers for a more whimsical look.


  1. Melanie, just when I think I have enough flower stamps, you come up with one I MUST have:) Thanks for all your tips to show just how versatile this set is--WOW!!

  2. Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas here!! I must try some soon! Hugs!!

  3. on my wish list!
    beautiful stamp set!

  4. on my wish list!
    beautiful stamp set!

  5. I LOVE this stamp set, Mel. I just ordered mine today. I can't wait. Thanks for the technique tips with all your sets. So much little time.

  6. I loved the samples done during peak week. However, I got confused on the tutorial. So to be clear?
    All of the black areas get inked up, and the white flowers and vines will show through your cardstock colour? Thanks so much, I appreciate the info.

  7. Anxiously awaiting my set!!! Thanks for another tip sheet! Hope you're feeling better - hugs & smiles!

  8. I'm with scalder. Just when I think I have enough flower stamps, you come up with one I MUST have!!!
    Love the tip sheet and card.

  9. Thanks for giving us soooo many ideas with your new stamp set. I can't wait to try them soon as I get back home ;)


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