Saturday, October 23, 2010

Card Drive for Kids and Spina Bifida (and a sketch!)

Hello! Giovana is doing a repeat of her card drive for children she knows who have Spina Bifida, you can get all the details here to participate on Giovana's blog. I was delighted to see her post a photo of little Rebekah receiving all her cards from last year's drive! (My card is the little "Bug Me Anytime one in front, hee, I'd forgotten which one I'd sent until she posted!) :) She is asking for cards again for Rebekah, now 8, and a little 2 year old boy named Logan, who both have Spina Bifida. Now several people have sponsored the drive with stamp sets you can win by particpating, you have until November 5th to enter! Please play, it's fun, and these kids will be so happy to get your special creations! I donated my set "Wee Tees", which is not just for babies! Here I cropped the stamped onesie to make a cute tee for that cutie Rebekah! I made the flower with some silk ribbon from Sharon I twisted together with some Scor-tape. DP is from the Basic Grey Olivia pack (and I know just what I'm going to do next for Logan with the Wee Tees set and the Basic Grey Oliver paper! choo chooooo!)
Since this card turned out different than I originally planned, I thought I'd go ahead and make up the sketch of it for you! Enjoy! If you make something with it, please let people know about my sketch with a link to this post and share a link to your card in the comment section below! It would also be great even if you can't participate to link this post on your blog to spread the word about the card drive, thank you in advance!
And if you do play, don't forget to add your card to Giovana's blog, not here! The sketch is NOT part of a requirement for the card drive, just for fun, anytime! Good luck winning Wee Tees or one of the other great sets offered! :)
Have a terrific weekend!


  1. LOVE how you cropped the onesie into t-shirt...what an awesome idea! Your card turned out so adorable. BTW - what set is the little bunny from? The one you stamped in the middle of the her!!!

    Love your sketch and will try to make something this weekend with it!

  2. Really cute card, I think I need to add that stamp set to my wish list. I just finished a card for both children, just need to let Giovanna know.
    I love the sketch.

  3. This is one of my favorite charities! I have a "fur" child with Spina Bifida and most people are not even aware that dogs can be born with it also. Dylan is a 3 year old English Bulldog that was taken to be put down at 4 weeks old. His vet called me and I grabbed him. He is a doll and is the 2nd diaper baby I have had. Most have a very short life span but they are very lovable. he wears pampers just like a real child and is just as loved. Thank you for bringing SB to light!!

  4. Just a thought, you are so very talented with your art, we could use a set of doggies with diapers!!! HINT!!

  5. This card is so pretty Melanie!! Bekah is going to love it!
    Thanks so much for your support.
    God bless.

  6. That's adorable! Our oldest granddaughter has Spina Bifida. A card drive would have been something that she would have also loved when she was a child (she's 18 now).


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