Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nothing Like Handmade...!

Just have to share some special cards I received this past week from my friend Carolyn King, Kary Lim and Richard Breaks! I LOVE all the gorgeous photo cards I'm receiving (seeing friends' and families' children growing taller and more beautiful than the year before!), but you can't beat the thrill of receiving a handmade card from a talented and beloved cardmaking bestie! :)

Merry ChristMOOSE from Cammie!! bwahh! She's up to her crafty, playful self! Love him vaulting himself over that sign! (So great the way the snowflake patterns lines up perfectly behind the top of the tree like a big star!)

Here's Kary's gorgeous card with Holiday Basket, it's all in the details!! :) (You really have to see these faux stitched she des in real life, practically micrscopic but perfect and just what the design needs!)
Finally, Richard's (don't you love the red and aqua theme they all had goin' on?!) This gorgeous embossed doily image over the stamp took my breath away when I opened it...

and then I burst out laughing when I flipped it over!
Had to share that, do you love it or what?? "This THING", he says, HEE!! How about "this masterpiece" or "gorgeous work of art from my heart"?!) I gotta get a personalized stamp now, too (to be like Richard...)

Thank you, good friends, for remembering me!

Incidentally, I found some Christmas cards I made that I forgot all about, so what a gift to be a little bit less behind than I thought I was! ;) Christmas is almost heeeeeeere!!! :0)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Loved all your cards. The wolf and the howling moon is really interesting. Thnx for sharing.
    Hugz, Dottie


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