Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Book is now on Amazon!

Good morning! Just had to come share the news, my book "A Year of Flowers" is now available for purchase on Amazon.com, woo hoo! :) ( I knew it was coming soon, but has been listed as "April 1" so I didn't know it would be this soon!) After a couple months of pre-order, you can now order the book, which also qualifies for free super shipper savings with an order of $25 or more. I know a lot of people have said recently the stores near them are currently sold out (as is Gina, although she said be adding more to stock any time now!) so here is another option!

Obviously the book has been out at multiple online and brick and mortar locations throughout the world since January (some places even since December!) but I am really excited about this for two reasons: obviously a LOT more people will discover the book in the world's largest marketplace (and I am hoping it could be the first introduction to cardmaking for a lot of non stampers or non crafters!)

Second, people now have the opportunity to leave reviews about the book there! :D Daily I have been receiving emails and messages since it came out (from names I know but also ones I don't!) raving about how much they are enjoying and using the book for both the step by step instructions and as inspiration, which is the best feeling to know my work is helping others and bringing joy as I hoped it would! Mostly people gush about the samples themselves and the gorgeous easy to read layout and photography, truly all the feedback I've gotten has exceeded my wildest dreams! Now that people have the ability to leave a review, if you have the book or have looked through it with a friend, I would so appreciate you share your opinion of it on the Amazon page. I love shopping on Amazon and never purchase anything without reading the reviews, how about you? I love buying with confidence after reading different opinions and feeling sure I can tell which reviewers re most in line with my needs and expectations for a product. Explaining what you like about it, main ways you use it for (inspiration, tutorials, tips, layouts), and/or what level of experience you think is best suited for it will be really helpful to others when deciding if it's for them, if they choose to purchase it on Amazon, or elsewhere (StampTV!) ;)

Again here is Gina's video showing a bit of the book, and if you have been curious about what inside, beyond the samples shown on Annie's Attic, well, Amazon gives a *bit* more away! lol! :)

Reviews take time and effort ( and please do not feel any obligation or pressure to do so), I know, so if you would prefer, there is also the option at the top of that page to "like" it, if you like it! :) I am just grateful for your help in any way and again appreciate ALL your support of the book! "Support" comes in so many forms, from purchasing it, to telling friends, to sharing news on Facebook, to writing me with your questions and comments, and of course making the cards and using the stamps! I just love ya!!

Hugs and blessings!

Gotta scoot, blog hop tomorrow! See you in the morning, have a great day!

Oh PS! Another thing you could do, whether you have the book or not, but have the A Year of Flowers stamp set (and I know most of you do!) is to "like" the set on the Annie's Attic page! Thanks!


  1. Praise the Lord! and I never say that phrase lightly. I mean that! The Lord is always good and I am so happy for you! May this book inspire not only others to be creative but to touched by God...how? Just trust that He will. When you are creating something (even if you are "trying" to create) just know you are doing something that is spiritual..God is full of creativeness right (just step out your door and look around at nature). EVERYONE has that God given spark of creativeness! I so want this book (finances won't allow it right now) but I will most difinately put a review on the Amazon site that I want it and will tell me friends about it.
    YEA and CONGRATS again!!!!!! Blessins to you all!

  2. that's so awesome Melanie. The book is fantastic and I'm sure loads of people will fall in love with it once they see it!

  3. Melanie
    I bought the book and both the year of flowers and pressed flower stamp sets from Stamp TV. I LOVE all the wonderfully creative ideas you show us in the book. TFS your creativity with the world of stampers. God Bless you.

  4. I got my book from Amazon and I think it is wonderful. Good luck with it. I'm sure it will be a hit. Will go to Amazon and leave a comment there as well.

  5. Melanie, I love your book and have your stamp set. What fun I have reading thru the book at all the ideas and creations you share. Thank you for all your hard work- may you continue to be blessed!

  6. Melanie I ordered the book through StampTV (and the stamp set of course) and couldn't put it down! It is such a wonderful resource - just looking at the pictures and marvelling at how creative you are but also being inspired to try it myself! I've liked the stamp set on Annie's Attic through my FB account (hope it helps). I'll also like it on Amazon and see if I can write a review. Can't wait to see what your next book will be about! LOL

  7. congratulations! for your new book which is now on amazon. you really did a great job , i have brought it and started loving it ever since.will also share this link with my fellows!


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