Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Easter Bunnies!

Well, I should have announced this a week ago, but have been so busy: we welcomed two new babies into our home on March 25! bunnies that is, they are 5 weeks old. My husband raised rabbit as a boy and he and Jonathan have been building a veritable hutch extravaganza in the backyard the past few months on weekends in preparation of some new pets. The boys and I had never had rabbit before and we had no idea what we were in for! After watching them hop around, explore the new cage, nuzzle each other, stand up and wash their little bitty faces with both paws (so CUTE!) for a couple HOURS on the first day, Jonathan verbalized exactly what I'd been thinking: "I didn't know I was going to love them this much! I didn't know how awesome it would be!")Jonathan got a white Netherland Dwarf (Easter if it's a girl, Blizzard if it's a boy; at this point, it's still really heard to tell) They have shorter ears and are only a couple pounds fully grown.
And William chose a Dutch Dwarf, which he named Pegasus (boy or girl). I love the Dutch coloring, when we first saw them, Jonathan exclaimed, "It's like he's wearing little pants!") They are still a little squirmy at times when you pick them up (so William is still adjusting to the scratches), but Jonathan discovered that if wrapped up in a bandana, it has the same effect as swaddling a baby! They just hunker down and get a "sleepy baby" look in their eyes, if they were cats they'd be purring here! So it's fun way to snuggle with them inside while watching TV...
So I had to get started making some Easter cards for the boys with my "Basket Blessings" set. Very easy to color! Leave the white one white except for the teeniest bit of gray on nose and tail and light shading on the undersides with BV31. E13 for the golden fur, RV63 in the ears and some flicks of YG97 for the grass.
When my kids came in and saw the stamped rabbits, they were colored so differently from my previous projects I'd made with the set, they didn't even realize it was an older image! "Mom, you made a new stamp *just* for our bunnies?!" hee!) Haven't finished the card yet, but just had to share! (I'm almost out of time too, Easter is just a few days away!) If you don't have your own bunnies but need some live inspiration for how to color these, especially if you want them to resemble particular breeds, just use my favorite coloring guide: Google images! :)
William asked me to draw in a little carrot for his bunny that he could color, hee hee! (dark shadow on the underside my own addition I snuck in after he was finished) ;)

Been thinking about a new pet for your kids? How about a bunny? :)


  1. Ahh so adorable. Your card looks so much like the boys bunnies.

    Ter ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures! The boys look totally in love with their bunnies!

  3. Awwww how adorable! I had a bunny too as a kid!! But he was HUGE!!! All white as well. How fun he was. Best of luck with your new pets boys!!

  4. The bunnies are adorable - your boys must be thrilled! Love that matching card! My sister and I had a Netherland dwarf bunny years ago. We litter trained it and it used to run around the house and hop back into its' cage when it tired out. :)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your special day!!

  5. Fantastic, Mel! Wow - they are so adorable. I was thinking about how sweet mine were when they were 5 weeks old. Wouldn't trade a day with them for anything. Looks like they are going to be filled with love! Wonderful addition to the stamp, too - love the carrot! Thanks so much for sharing your precious ones with us.

  6. Bunnies just make me smile. We had them as pets when we were growing up and loved them so much. They were litter trained and shared the same space in our lives with the cats and the dogs....everyone got along. Have fun Jonathan and William! So happy for those bunnies that they have you to love them.

  7. Awww, I love bunnies. I had 2 that had the "run of the backyard" right along with the 2 dogs and they all 4 slept together on the back porch. Enjoy your new babies and maybe they'll inspire you to draw some new bunny designs for us.

  8. what fun for you all.
    Easter Blessings

  9. Sweet! I can tell these two bunnies found a loving home. My little sis had bunnies after I left home, so I never got to share in the fun. I love how you made a card to match them.

  10. Awww, they are adorable Melanie! I'm sure the boys will have heaps of fun!

  11. AWWWHHHHH!!!! Makes me want bunnies again. I think all kids should have them as pets. I had a pair as a youngster (Thumper & Bambam), and loved them. They were so loveable and trained very easy. We trained them to take walks with us with harnesses and a leash. They loved it. I can see that they are well loved by the boys. Have fun and enjoy them.


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