Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Organization on the Cheap

Hi! Just have to share a new addition to my craft room (and no, I don't expect anyone to pin this as it is, was still just setting up and taking the pic to show a friend.) In the past, I showed you I have a counter (oh my goodness that was back in 2008) that runs along the wall of our shared office (the wall to the right before only had a ginormous map of the US (husband's) and nothing else, except my card baskets on the FLOOR. As my craft space began running over with stamps, tools and other goodies, plus my own handmade creations and cards from friends, I'd been pleading with my husband to let me "go vertical" and take advantage of that space (and move the map, I want to hang up my bulletin board where I can actually see it!)

Well, praise the Lord, he agreed at Christmas it WAS time to start working toward the craft room of my dreams, but bless his heart, he has been so busy it leaves no time to build what we'd like. I'd really been wanting to add some inexpensive shelving to maximize the space in the mean time, but veneers and particle board really chap my handy carpenter hubby's sensibilities!
I didn't think there was anything cheaper than IKEA for book cases, but look what I found at Walmart: An adjustable 5 shelf case for 25 bucks! A 3 shelf for 15 bucks! (How could he refuse?!)
So I took pics of both on my camera phone, plus a shot of the dimensions of each.
I like how they aren't too deep so it doesn't make the space feel smaller or awkward entering the room. GKD binders fit in there with tons of space left over in front. One shelf holds twenty binders (80 stamp sets)
Lovin' the adjustable shelves to fit just what I need or change when necessary...
Then, I came home and measured out my space to make sure it would work. (Go ahead, YOU can go measure that empty spot now, too, I'll be here!) THEN, I proudly (and sweetly) showed him all my "research and recon". (hee!) He agreed! (and really how could he say no, with my birthday right around the corner?) ;) Love!

Creating that corner now gives me so many options and I love just being able to turn to my right and roll over to get what I need without getting up! Before I had a hanging cabinet we purposed to my left (not pictured, but still there, and added after the 2008 post) that I had to get up from my chair, walk over and CLIMB on my desk to reach stuff on top shelf, I'm serious, not the most user-friendly! And I have a little room to put a new knickknacks to make it a little more personal and inspiring.

I still have to go through all the junk underneath my desk(and am not showing my desk at this point after marathon stamping session, oh my!) but stamping for our release the following day just felt like heaven. I got SO much done and it was so pleasant. Oh, and there's my bulletin board tucked into the "L". Still haven't made it pretty like I want, has a lot of coupons and old pics on it now, but it was hanging previously on the wall beHIND me (where the map now is, HEE!) and I never added anything to it because I couldn't see it or easily reach it. And love how having it all in one color instead of a hodgepodge of cabinets feels like "a system". One thing we did do differently was leave off the black cardboard backing that you nail to back, my husband drew the line. It's pretty to have the painted wall show through and gives it a more open feel, but you will need to secure it to the wall to give it more support, or in our case, my husband just used a tiny nail through the side to attach it to the counter, it's not going anywhere! Handy, smart husband!

So! We are getting a little closer to my dream space. Amazing what 40 bucks can do! I still would like to have shelves running the entire length of the wall above my desk, because of course I'm still going to be getting more and more stuff. Baby steps! (oh, and repaint since these are colors from when it was a playroom, pre-illustrating/stamping) There's been a lot of trying to roeorganize my Nestabilites, papers, etc, too, and it takes time (but good thing, I can watch a Netflix or my DVRed shows while doing!) I'm getting there!

Hope this gives you an idea about how easily you can add some organization and maximize your space it you see fancy craft spaces that look like a piece of heaven but are just not in the budget. (Or some tips in persuasion!) It works for me! Oh, I also bought one of those big penny candy jars for 6 bucks, also at Walmart, and just threw a ton of ribbon in.

Looks pretty, easier than trying to keep them on some spools and now I just plunge my hand in...like pulling out candy! Less calories, though... :) Might get a couple more. ;)

Have a terrific, productive day!I've been doing a lot of paring down and shuffling, reshuffling of the house, which I know will pay off later! hugs to you!


  1. Great shelf organization you have there. I need to figure out a way to store all my stamps better too. The floor is not a good area at all. LOL

  2. Isn't it funny how excited we get over something like bookshelves? lol...Great job, Melanie! DH and I share an office too, and he's so patient, as I take another inch or 20 each day! I love seeing that even famous folks like you have a girl cave like mine :) Thanks for sharing...

  3. ohhh...lookin good! i am working on the same thing. Kevin is making me a huge peg board for my office for my bday....starting to try to use the vertical space since i ran out of the rest of the space! ha!

  4. Had to giggle when I read your post - I also purchased a new shelf for my craft room recently so I share your enthusiasm for shelves! Having your 'tools' handy when stamping makes life so much easier too!

  5. Thanks for the great inspiration. I can always use more shelf space. I even have a wall where a bookshelf could go but there's way too much other stuff to move to get rid of the chair that's in front of the wall.

  6. Isn't it a great lift to your spirit to move toward the space of your dreams? I just love doing things like that, when I have the energy and physical ability. I recently cut down a cardboard shoe keeper that now functions beautifully as storage for my stamp pads. What a huge blessing! I'm glad you were able to get your sweet hubby to agree to your changes.
    I continue to pray for you and your many projects. :-)


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