Friday, October 17, 2014

Fabulous Holiday Fillers and Greeting Tips For You

Fabulous Holiday Fillers is now available for purchase!  It is selling even faster than the first two sets so far, as I'd hoped since so many of you have been enjoying the past two sets and know how much use you'll get out of this one! :)  Can't wait to see the first uploads of all your fabulous creations once the stamps start arriving!

This card above I made just before the party wanting to show something for the new set without the frame and the straight circle border.  It's a little busier than I usually get but I actually really like how this looks like some really joyful, out-of-control patterned paper!  I always feel I can get away with that a little more when I go with a rainbow palette, you know?  I stamped out the rows, shifting slightly back and forth to "nest" the circles into the previous row, stamping off each time to get the lighter shade you see between each color.   In the party I suggested doing these all in one coor with no fillers for more of a textured look, or even tone on tone with the same color ink as your cardstock or Versmark to look like a Cuttlebigged impression.  Wet emboss that pattern and wow, what texture!  (Think bubbles on blue, snakeskin on green, how fun!)  I am just lovin' these polka dots! The patterned circle fillers  were the last things I added to the set, but so far, and I've only been playing with it a week mind you, are quickly becoming my favorite elements in it to stamp with!  Such neat looks you can make!

Supplies: GKD Cherry Red, Wild Lilac, Sweet Mango, Prickly Pear, Grass Green, Blue Denim, Christmas Pine, Black Onyx ink pads, Pure Luxury heavy Baseweight White cardstock, adhesive rhinestones

Also, here are suggested uses for the different sentiments I created for this set.  There are other possibilities, of course!  (Refer to image sheet above, I did not type out the entire sentiment)

Hoping this holiday is your best ever... yep, any holiday!  (That's why I didn't say "Christmas"!)  With the majority of my family and lots of friends spread out all over, I can send that to most anyone because we don't usually see each other *on* the holiday!  (I don't know that I'd send that to someone for Halloween necessarily, but Easter, Thanksgiving? Sure!)

Words can't express all that's in my heart...sympathy, encouragement, get well, fill in the blank with what you care about so much but I simple sentiment just won't say it all.  (Usually with Sympathy just isn't enough, you know?) This is also great on a tag for any 3d items, gifts, food stuffs you make.
I love you more...  Valentine's Day, anniversaries,  encouragement, child's, spouse's or parent's birthday

You make me so proud... graduations, encouragement, achievement, child, spouse, Mother's Day father's Day, Grandparent's Day etc.

Celebrating your special day...birthday, wedding, shower, birth, achievement, anniversary, graduation, retirement, etc.

Lifting you up in thought and in prayer...get well, encouragement, sympathy, anything that needs prayer!

For all that you've done... thank you, teacher, coach, spouse, caregiver etc

For my... husband, son, daughter, mom, dad, sister, brother

To an amazing... couple, mom, dad, lady, sister, brother, husband, son, daughter
Finally, please let me know if you have requests for how to use certain images in this set or things you would like demonstrated in a video.  I will be posting a tip sheet soon but wanted to address all these greetings today! And, thanks again very much for only having positive things to say about last week's video boo boos.  I came so close to re-shooting the whole thing, you don't even know.  You all are the best!

PS We are blazing through the original Fabulous Frame stock and Fabulous Frame Fillers (yes, again, I know we just put it back in stock!), so don't forget to add these to your order if they are still on your wish list.


  1. I am so excited about this set. I ordered it last night before I even joined the release party because I figured it would sell out quickly. This set will cover so many occasions. I can even see using "Words can't express all that's in my heart" along with a couple of other of the sentiments for my DH because I always have trouble making cards for him. OK so now that we've got lots of goodies for the Fabulous Frame, isn't it time for another Stately Flower Set?

  2. I ordered early too. I didn't want to miss out and have to wait any longer. And, now that I have a Misti I am thinking I can do a better job with big stamps such as the frame one.

  3. Melanie, love this set and your rainbow card. If you haven't seen M.I.S.T.I. yet you should check it out. It was a tremendous help in stamping a large stamp (Fabulous Frame). Videos at My Sweet Petunia.

  4. Looks like a really fun set! I would like to see a video for how to use the half-block type of things, the ones with the straight edge on one side and a curved edge on the other

  5. wow, what a fabulously fun card.

  6. How clever are you?
    I love these lines of bubbles!
    I adore the Fab Frame Stamp, and the first Filler one!
    Of course, I placed my order for the Holiday Filler set.
    I haven't taken my Fab Frame stamp off my Fiskars Stamp Stage, since my order arrived. I am THAT hopelessly hooked!!!
    Thanks for those sets, and well, all your sets. Right now, it's my fave!!! eek! lol


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