Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Triple Play Fillers Tip Sheet

Fillers for your new favorite frame set are here! Triple Play Fillers decorative elements and greetings designed to perfectly fit and customize the Triple Play Frame, these stamps can do so much more.  You will love having bows, bits and borders plus embossable two step images like buckles, zippers, and stick pins to bedazzle all your projects, masculine or feminine, any occasion,  in a flash, even when you aren’t using the frame!  This fabulous set of stamps is a must have for any stamper’s collection and contains 39 images and sentiments.  Time to play!

I've included both images sheets in today's post for your reference. There are so many coordinating elements across so many of my sets, it's hard to remember all the possibilities!
 Triple Play Fillers

Triple Play Frame

Bold circle rim works as a two-step to fills the borders around the frame’s three round windows.  Punch out the inside with a 1 ¼” circle punch, or punch around the edge with a 1 ½” circle punch. Great for tags!  Emboss them for a metal edge.

Diamond, belt, Moroccan and zipper borders measure 4 ¾”, and fit exactly across the inside of both long sections of the frame. 

Stamp Moroccan, Diamond or even the dashed or dotted straight borders from Fabulous Frame Fillers to add detail on your belt, like it has been stitched or tooled.

Tiny bold image is included to two step stamp filler for the Moroccan border. This border coordinates with the larger border in Pretty Patterns 2.

Patterned hearts fill the large heart outline in the border Triple Play Frame. 

Created patterned clover, flower or butterflies with the heart images stamped  to make wings, petals and leaves.

Patterned and solid diamonds two step stamp easily into the open diamond border. Mix and match colors and patterns for endless looks!

All pattern elements in this set (polka dot, plaid, and houndstooth) coordinate with the patterned pieces in Fabulous Holiday Fillers.  have fun using these pieces together for coordinating patterns on the same project.

Patterned “bow ties” and corners fill the middle section of the frame. Add the coordinating patterned corner piece to all four corners to look like you have paper-pieced this entire section.

Use the patterned tiny corners on 1 or more corners of your square and rectangular mats. It will look paper piecing behind a rounded corner punch!

Circle elements from Triple Play Frame and Fabulous Holiday Fillers fit inside the larger star's opening, and the solid belly band filler (bow tie) that has the open circle.  

Dashed and dotted circles nest inside the frames round windows and can be punched with a 1 ¼” circle punch. 

Rectangle tag fits both long sections and fits almost all words from Triple Play Frame, Fabulous Holiday Fillers, Fabulous Frame. Fits exactly across the largest long section of the frame when the frame is turned portrait style.

Emboss the zipper, belt buckle and stick pin elements with metallic EP.

Make the zipper more dimensional by stamping the pull tab again separately and cutting out to add on top of the zipper border with a piece of foam.

Small hearts from the Triple Play Frame set two step stamp into the open heart in the zipper.

Make your zipper more realistic by cutting a tiny "v" in your cardstock mat where the side of the zipper open up to reveal another piece of paper underneath.

Add round gift bow to the round windows. Punch out with a 1 ¼" circle punch for quick cutting.  

Layer bows over the Washi tape image to look like a ribbon wrap.

Make the bows more dimensional by stamping two or three out and cutting them in smaller parts, to stack on top of one another with the largest, full image being on the bottom.

Stamp patterns from this set and others onto the stamped bold Washi image.  For images wider than the Washi, create a reverse mask by stamping the Washi first onto scratch paper and cutting out.  use the paper surrounding it to layer over the stamped washi on your cardstock mat and stamp images. Remove mask.

Stamp the long sentiments above, below, or over the bold belt and Washi images. You can also stamp these greetings over the zipper, Moroccan, or diamond borders, but the pattern will need to be in much lighter ink than what you choose for the sentiment in order to read it well.

Use the vertical sentiments in the long sections of the frame for portrait style layouts.

Omit the "o" s in Thinking Of You and Thanks So Much and replace them by stamping in or popping up the round elements form the coordinating sets or these new patterned hearts.

Add stick pin pieces one either side of the two bows.  Top the stick pins with small round or themed elements in Triple Play Frame or Fabulous Holiday Fillers.

Create interesting negative circle patterns by repeating the patterned bow ties, and open circle gaps will appear in between.

Nestle the double bow image in the two spaces between the round windows in the belly band area of Triple Play Frame.
Fabulous Holiday Fillers

That's all for now! So much more to come! And videos to show these tips and move in action!


  1. Your sets are so cool and when you make a card you make it look so easy. My problem is with one eye partially blind that I cannot align things up so well. So I don't use these as much as I should but I sure do like the buckle and zipper ideas with that new set. My budget is spent for now but I might have to purchase the latest set even if I don't have the first one. I am sure I could make use of much of it anyway. Sometimes I wish there were individual stamps one could order.

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas. There are so many amazing possibilities with this set. I love that there are patterns to stamp between the circles on the bellyband. I'm looking forward to lots more posts and videos. Can't wait until my set arrives!


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