Monday, February 8, 2016

Make a Mug Mask! (say it 3 times fast)

Good morning! Here is a simple card I made with the sentiment from Coffee Therapy, inspired by one of the chunky little mug images in this set.  It is easy to cut out your own mask to sponge in some color and stamp designs over it to make a big custom mug to showcase this sentiment. 

Stab your scissors into the middle of a piece of copy paper and cut out what is basically a rectangle but with curved, tapered sides.  (Or a rectangle if you want a more simple, masculine mug.) You can sketch it first if that helps but I just started cutting, you know me! Then cut a half circle on the side for the handle. Yes, it's going to fall out, you can't make that middle part stay since it's a hole, so cut a smaller half circle in a sticky note along the top edge where it's sticky. Then stick that into the open space (yellow piece in the photo).  There's your handle!

Sponge GKD Sweet Corn ink all over the mask until you have the desired look. remove mask.  I added dotted border to the top and bottom with the row of circles from Inspiration Mosaic and then used the straight edge of the paper and the piece that fell out of my cut out to mask some GKD Warm Cocoa ink below to make the table. That's it! Love the bold, but simple statement. it's really fun to make your own mask like this. I hope you try it! Sorry for the grainy step outs in this posts, it was such a last minute card, but it occurred to me as I was making it would be good to show the process, simple as it is.  

Coffee Therapy is free for a limited time with your order of $75 for more.

Thanks for visiting today!  I just love coffee cards (and miss my Mugs & Kisses set! sniff! If you by chance have that retired set, you can stamp out two different mugs for your masks!) :)


  1. Adorable and such a cute idea. I have quite a few coffee buddies that you love a card like this! Thanks for the inspiration, Melanie.

  2. Love this. Thanks for showing how to make the mug! :) <3

  3. Love the mug card. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice and fast technique! Beautiful job and the sentiment is great.

  5. This is lovely Melanie! If I could just stab some scissors into paper and cut a straight line, I would try lol!!!! Let me get a box of bandaids first ♥ Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Melanie, this is so cute! Love it.


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