Monday, April 17, 2017

Fabulous Flowers Back in Stock!

Good morning!  Stately Flowers 11 is sold out (thank you!) but I am told we should be getting another shipment of them in TOMORROW, huzzah! Just in time for a new video! ( I already made the cards but haven't recorded, you are gonna FLIP when you see this new idea for the postage frame!) I will be watching stock and keep you posted.  But if you read my title, you already know that Fabulous Flowers is back, huzzah!!

I had a request to point to the reference sheet I used in one of my videos to help you in determining which two centers and elements go with each flower. Now I'm always cool with mixing things up if you want to do something different, but if you are looking for that exact match, this is what you use.  Hope this helps!  

So, anyway, I will be dreaming up another Fabulous Flowers video for you, hope it inspires!  Coming soon!

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow these flowers are amazing. I am definitely going to buy for my new home. I wanted to order earlier as well but they went out of stock. Keep us updated and let me know how to buy these amazing flowers.

  2. I can't express how much I am inspired by your videos. I'm in love with your frame sets and stately flowers.
    Know that you make a difference.


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