Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's a Big World...

My husband Paul is finally well after 4 days I've being sick, but Jonathan, my 5year-old is running fever. This plus a "top secret project" I am working on (more about that later) has prevented me from posting anything, sorry!

Here's a quickie close-up of one the things near my desk I promised to share: "Texas Wildflowers". I found this at Pecan Street Festival last year in Austin and got to meet the photographer Lori Honeycutt. All her photos contain tiny people taking on "larger than life" objects. This concept completely charmed me, and reminded me of childhood stories like "The Borrowers". It was hard to choose a favorite, but this was one I bought because of the gorgeous colors, I'm a flower freak!, and I loved the idea of this little person working to preserve and perfect the beauty of this bloom. I thought it was appropriate for my creative space. Check out more fun photos by Lori Honeycutt at


  1. Loved this artist and the absolutely fasinating pictures!! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see what her 2008 calendar will look like. I want one!

  2. Wonderful picture and great job on your clean are inspiring me to clean my stamp area (almost!)

    Cannot wait to see what you have been working on *wink!


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