Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Whoa, there's a DESK under there!

And I'd started thinking it was just a big pile of scrap paper! Getting ready for the new year, I resolved yesterday to get my desk clean (and make room for the new supplies I plan to order with Christmas money-hee hee!). Sorry, I just couldn't bear to take a "before" pic! Lately I'd been spending more time looking for my stamp supplies under the mess than actually getting any stamping done, and too many times when I've had a few moments to steal away and make a card, I'd turn right back around when I saw what a disaster my space was! Hopefully trying to post on my blog daily will keep me in the habit of clearing it daily. It really IS a nice space(courtesy of DH) Unfortunately, organization is not one of my gifts, completely against my nature actually, so I will need your help and support in this Herculean task! Please hold me to this! Who's with me? Keep checking back! ;)

Tomorrow, a little about the things that I love/inspire me on and around my desk(yes, I rediscovered them! Yesterday! LOL!)

Merry Christmas, love and blessings,

PS I would have posted pics of "Christmas at the Muenchingers", but we all have runny noses(and DH has a fever), so you don't want to see 'em! I'll just say, we were all very blessed, and fun was had by all!


  1. looks great! I cleaned up my desk yesterday too, it's a great feeling and we can keep one another accountable. We can be more productive when we can find things, huh? Merry Christmas, Mel

  2. If you could only see my work area! You would call disaster zone to the rescue! And we still have DH family coming tomorrow for whom I just completed 11 family birthday calendars. What was I thinking? Merry Christmas Melanie!

  3. Looks like a great place to get creative, love that shade of blue.


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