Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Kissmas!

A quick card made from a House Mouse stamped image my friend Donna Baker gave me to try out my hand at Copics (hers) a few months back. (Coloring it, as I remember, was NOT quick, but since I found it today under the pile of scrap papers while cleaning my desk it was too cute not to just stick it on a card to post!) The Copics are great, but I need practice. I think, for now, I'm too lazy and cheap a stamper to get into them, but if anyone wants to send me some Copics I'm willing to give them another try! ;) I added the greeting here in Photoshop.

Have a WONDERFUL holiday, thanks for checking in! I'll do my best to get something on here each day the next week, but if not, I can promise LOTS of exciting stuff after the first of the year(rubbing hands together gleefully) Can't wait!!


  1. awesome! what a cute card! looking forward to your exciting stuff!!! Merry Christmas Mel

  2. Melanie that is such an adorable card. It's great to see that you started a blog, looking forward to reading about and seeing more of your work.


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