Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"A Charmed Life" Tip Sheet

Had to share a sample with my "A Charmed Life" tip sheet to get the inspiration going, this one is pink and fizzy! I covered the whole liquid part of the image with Crystal Lacquer and poured on some peachy pink beads I had, plus added a few dots above it randomly to make it look effervescent. I added two more on the wine charm ring. Isn't that fun with the dotted Basic Grey Two Scoops print? I used the little cupcake charm, with these colors and sprinkle filled glass, I think this makes a very festive looking birthday card that shouts "party!" but doesn't necessarily say "wine", you know? :) The ribbon is SU! pink taffeta, back and white papers are Gina K Pure Luxury, and card base is Mountain Rose Glimmer CS from Paper Temptress to match the beads and ribbon. Now read on for all my tips I've assembled so far, you'll find samples of all these on my blog in the coming weeks!

With 1 beautiful glass, 21 whimsical charms, and 36 greetings, this set has endless options and is sure to be a year-round favorite! I've drawn it in this sketched style that lends itself towards "still life" designs, works with your antiqued/distressed/vintage print papers and colors for a old world, cozy "cafe" feel, or when paired with with trendy urban ones gives a cool cosmopolitan look! You'll be making the most fun and elegant cards and gifts in no time!

While there are many wine related quotes in this set, it is not exclusively "a wine set". Think about drinks the glass could hold other wine, party beverages as well as non-alcoholic beverages (because everything is more fun/tasty when served in a pretty glass !) Make the liquid orange for some brunch mimosas, lemon-lime for chilled margaritas, pale yellow or pink for a summer picnic, or clear for water! etc

Colors to use for wines: deep red, burgundies for your red wines (Cardinal Copic is nice!)

Pale yellows golds for whites

Pinks for white Zinfandel or Rose

I am pleased to report that I have tried just about every coloring medium I own with the glass and all give fabulous results! I will share samples with each, along with coloring tips for each, you can be sure!

The Gina K rub-on paste is stunning and an easy way to color you wine and highlight the glass. The red, silver and gold are all in the Holiday Rub on Paste Collection, a very economical (less than 5 bucks!) and festive way to color this set, the shimmer says "celebrate!"

Paper-piece the liquid with shimmery papers to make a sparkling, effervescent-looking drink (like champagne!)

Stamp a flower from "A Year of Flowers" into the wine glass, makes for a beautiful still life arrangement, like you just clipped a rose from your garden and placed it in a water-filled goblet!

Omit the stem and base and it will look like a little water-filled clear vase!

Put some Stickles or Chunky Glitter around the glass edge for a sugar or salted rim, very sparkly and festive!

Stamp the glass onto Acetate or vellum and cut out, it will look like a real glass!

Stamp the charms directly onto the wine charm ring on the glass image to customize it for occasion. The tiny toasts fit perfectly on the tag. Emboss it to give it a metal edge.

Don't see your favorite charm in this set? Have fun stamping other small images you own on to the charm ring! Ex: the ladybug from "AYear of Flowers" or the shamrock from "Just So hoppy"

OR use Polyshrink for stamping your favorite large images, then shrink them down to create a 3D , proportionally sized charm for the glass, looks really cool!

Trace your wine charm ring with a metallic pen or Stardust glitter pen. Don't forget to glue on clear, colored or metal beads or crystals to bling up the ring! My favorite are these self adhesive rhinestones, easy to put on, come in different sizes and can be colored with Copics to match your cards!

Omit the jump ring on each charm, inking up only the charm and use these as a tiny image on your cards, or stamp it onto the wine tag!

Punch out the tag with a circle punch on pop up onto the wine ring for a 3D effect, do the same with the charms. The 5/8" Marvy circle standard punch Gina sells is perfect, will leave a perfect tiny rim!

The individual charms look ADORABLE when stamped onto the end of your greetings, like they're hanging from the end loop! Have fun hanging these up on the many greetings from this set or others in your collection!

Stamp them out in a row under a piece of metallic cord like they're dangling from a chain. Makes a sweet charm bracelet card for "a young lady".

Punch your cardstock edge with scallops. Then stamp the little charms into each cut out hole in the scallops for a blinged up border!

Cover the goblet with Crystal Lacquer.

When you stamp the glass onto white cardstock, add very pale grays or blues to give the glass dimension. Stamp into onto a pale cardstock or neutral (Kraft for example), and add white reflecting highlights with a white pencil, craft pad or pen.

Omit the line of the liquid in the glass and then redraw your own to make the glass look more full or empty!

Omit the liquid completely and color to look like a silver goblet (think weddings anniversaries, or stamp it onto metallic paper, no coloring needed!

Omit the stem and base and draw a tiny vertical line in the "liquid" with a pen to create a wick and you have a beautiful little votive candle!

Make reverse mask of your glass by stamping the glass, cutting out and saving the outside piece. Place this over your stamped glass, lining it up, then stamp the crackle background from Elegant Flowers in the Floral Frenzy kit all over it in Versamark and emboss with clear EP or a glittery one like Iridescent Ice. it will look like one of the those beautiful crackled glasses!
To add color to your layouts or to match a favorite patterned paper, think about beautiful colored tinted glasses you've seen (like deep red or cobalt blue) or ones with hand painted stems!
Stamp, doodle or emboss beautiful flourishes, flowers onto the bowl and base of the glass!

Emboss your charms in silver or gold EP and then shade them with a gray silver or gold pencil, will look very life-like.

The glass is a very tall stamp, approx 3.5" but you can put it on smaller or square cards and extend the glass of the top for a really cool design! The 4.25" large round acrylic block is perfect for accomodating this unmounted stamp.

Stamp two together for clinking glasses with your favorite toast greeting for a very celebratory card!

Tie a bow around the stem to dress it up: white or ivory organza or taffeta for weddings, bright red for Christmas, the appropriate color for an anniversary, etc. see sample above

Stamp two glasses for "his and hers" goblets "for a very charming couple" (wedding or anniversary) To make them truly his and hers ( for example a white and red wine if they have a different preferences and a charm that symbolizes that person.

Stamp or draw in a simple wedge of citrus or party umbrella!!

Give your beverage a really funky look by paper piecing the liquid with a hip "swirly" or even flowery print for girls night or a party! (or a masculine print like paisley, stripes, etc for a man's birthday)

The different toasts provided are some popular ways to say the traditional English "Cheers!" or "Bottoms Up!" On my one and only tour of Europe , we didn't speak the same language as the locals, but you were always to welcome to pull up a chair and enjoy a nice

Prost: German
Sante: French (means literally "health", to your health!)
Salud: (Spanish) said in Mexico and Spain
L'Chaim (Hebrew): used when making a toast , or at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah; or is a Jewish naming ceremony, like a christening
Mazel Tov (Hebrew): means "good fortune", said for any happy occasions or accomplishment or recognizing difficult times/trials are over

Use "To a very charming" with Lady, Friend, Couple, Man

You have a little book charm for book club! or your bookworm friends... :)

The diamond ring and bridal couple is perfect for an engagement, anniversary, or wedding.

The shoe and lips are great for girls night or an afternoon of shopping or evening of cocktails!

Dice and images for each of the card suits (heart, spade, club, diamond) are provided for your board games, Bunco, poker, Texas Hold 'em, etc game nights! Make some special invites or create a special thank you for someone who had you over for an entertaining evening of fun.

Great charms to use for "the charming man" in your life: leaf, treble clef, die, playing card symbols, grapes, or the round tag with a little sentiment

You have a little candle topped cupcake and wrapped present charms for happy birthdays!

The leaf charm is beautiful for fall, Thanksgiving, and the present and snowflake are very festive for all your winter holidays.

The Star of David charm can be used with the "L'Chaim" and "Mazel Tov!" to cover almost all of the Jewish holidays and celebrations!

Place Cards
Dinner Menus
Stamped tile coasters, cardboard coasters or a stamped cheese board
An invite to happy hour or to celebrate a promotion , achievement etc ("can I buy you a drink?")
Memo Chalk Board for kitchen done in White Staz on
Book Club invites
Book plates with the old book quote
Game night
Stamped napkins for your book club, dinner party, wine tasting, or game night with the glass and different taosts or wine quotes for some easy and inexpensive matching tableware.
Polyshrink wine charms of course! Polyshrink the glasses for a charm bracelet or earrings, too, these make a great gift for a wine lover
Stamped box,velvet bag, for presenting some wine
Stamp a Kraft handled bag to bring wine and crackers, cheese for a housewarming gift
Create a special wine label with the Gina K waterproof labels
Thank yous for dinner or lunch dates
Wine journal or calendar for a wine lover
create a placemat for "wine tasting flight"
Girls Night Out
thank you card for your sweetie for a night out!

This is just the beginning! I'll have more tips and ideas for you, I am having SO much fun creating with this set!

My PSA: I do not endorse under age drinking! Please be advised: the little graduation cap is intended for college grads only! Please drink responsibly! :)


  1. Amazing! Your tip sheets are a treasure trove of unique ideas & that card is WAY cute. Love how adaptable it is. :O)

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    I didn't read all your tips, I know they all are just amazing as usual, but I am definitely gonna do a 'frosted' glass using vellum! We will see if it turns out blog worthy, lol!

  7. Hi Melanie, You have outdone yourself here, girl! I was eyeing this yesterday and had it in my shopping cart, when I had to leave to pick up my DD from school. Great job with all the possibilities. Question: what did you use on your glass? Are those micro beads?

  8. Wow Mel -
    You really had your thinking cap on when you designed this set! Wonderful tips and ideas - thank you so much!

    Elaine Allen

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