Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Top the Jar! Tutorial

Here's a fun little card using the jar from "Buds and Vases" and Gina's "Happy Haunting" spider, the web and spider fit perfectly into the corner! Sorry I didn't get more Halloween samples done for you sooner, but better late than never! And I do have a quickie tutorial to show you how to make cute toppers for the jar like little fabric covers, you can do with this different seasonal prints for your jar year round!
First find a piece of patterned paper you like and flip it over. Now stamp the top of the jar, here inked up in Memento London Fog, on the back.
Take a pen or pencil and make straight sides on either side of the mouth of the jar. Kick the line on either side at an angle and then an zigzag line below the rim. Making the zigzag uneven will make the gathers and pleats look more realistic.

Cut it out.
Flip it over!
Here it is over the jar. Now just add some twine or ribbon to look like it's holding the "fabric" over the top. Patterned papers are Basic Grey Pyrus.
Hope this is helpful to you! I'm looking forward to making some pretty Christmas-y toppers this way for my jar with Basic Grey Jovial papers, then filling them with fun holiday images, cookies etc!
Have a great day!


  1. How cute,TFS your tutorial!!!

  2. HA HA!!! How cool is that!!! I'm laughing because I think GINA would love this ... having spider trapped... since I heard she hates spiders and has so much as waken her DH up to kill one!!! LOL LOL

  3. Another great your idea on how to add a top!

  4. Hope you and your family all feel better soon. Lot of stuff going around. Love the idea and just got my holiday fillers! Thanks.

  5. Fantastic idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. This is so neat!! Love this idea and can see red gingham paper with Christmas cookies inside. Thanks for sharing...need to order this set soon :O)


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