Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Out and About

Hi! I don't have a card to share today although I made SEVEN yesterday, I am spent! That is actually the longest stretch I have done in months since before I was having my hand issues, it was an all day affair while my kids were at school so I could turn in some projects for a publication call! So I can't share any of them now.,.but hopefully it won't be long before I can! :)

Didn't want to go though without leaving a pic so here is something to tickle your funny bone this Wednesday morning, one I snapped with my phone recently, just for you all! Oh, the memories that giant styling Barbie head on the top brings (1979, 6th birthday), her blond hair blowing back down the freeway is truly a sight to behold!!

Yup, and you can bet I wasn't the only one who stopped to take a photo! We'd seen this car out twice the past few months tooling around town, I could not miss my opportunity to capture this stunningly original altered vehicle at a standstill! (If I should happen to run into them again I might have to leave a tiny bag of clothes and accessories for all these nakey dolls!) If you never been to Austin, this speaks loads about my city, lots of people eager to share their, um, individuality! (In my 19 years in Austin, this car so far is only rivalled by the Van Gogh Van (muralled VW van in the style of Vincent with sunflowers and self portrait fo him with one ear), the mirror car, and the Godzilla car!! (I'll try to get those for you too! I tell you they would make the best coffe tabel book and maybe I will just bite the bullet and do it one day! LOL!) ;) My silver Explorer is remarkably unoriginal, but I make my presence known in other ways, hee!

We're not just about crazy cars, though , here is a spectacular view of downtown and the Colorado river from a beautiful, hilly overlook just minutes from my home...

Well, please have an amazing day! Besides those coloring tutorials I promised, I have loads of personal stuff to share that I haven't really had time to blog about when they've happened because of the timing of our releases etc. Looking forward to catching up with you! XOXO

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Really enjoyed your picures this morning. The car is a hoot and that beautiful fountain and the river and downtown Austin is spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hahahahaha! OMGosh that is hilarious and definitely original!!

  3. Lol! That car is one that is not to be missed! TFS! Beautiful view of Austin!

  4. Lovethe car photo!it must be something about capital cities that vrings out the uniqueness in people. Madison is very similar to Austin (although I'd definitely prefer your weather!).I will have to get a photo of the rubber ducky car that drives around town here. It is covered with big and small rubber ducks!
    Love the scenery shot as well! How beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful view! How amazing to complete 7 cards in one day! I am lucky most days to get 2 maybe 3 done.

  6. Austin definitely has some original people! Love your picture of downtown Austin in the distance! Hey I'll be close by visiting my son & family in 2 weeks!

  7. I can't believe I have never seen that barbie car! Crazy I tell you.

  8. What a HOOT!! Definitely a unique design, lol! People in this part of the country seem to be more subdued and the only thing we see is jacked up trucks :O) (no I am not a redneck, lol!)

    Love the last picture of Austin, so serene. Wasn't that from your getaway place a while back or some other scene?


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