Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Pics! (and a pumpkin you will NOT believe!)

Hope you all survived Halloween last night, everyone was dragging in to school this morning, those Sunday night celebrations are rough LOL!! We spent most of the evening up at our church's Festival 31 before a quick trick or treat spin around the block. Hyde Park Baptist is such an amazing church with so many wonderful ministries and offers such fantastic resources and events for the community, the kid had blast playing all the free games and doing the rides and inflatables and I won a cake in the cake walk! if you are in the Austin area I would love for you to come check them out!

Here is William posing in his Boba Fett costume, just pretend the candy bag is a really cool blaster (I didn't want to spend the extra $15 bucks, I drew the line at the costume!)
And here is Jonathan in his Clone Wars Commander Fox costume, he makes his own blaster, piu piu, got you!!
And finally one pic I just had to share from our 'hood, we live a few blocks from some truly amazing amateur pumpkincarvers, here is Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, this is a carved pumpkin with a colored light inside, so I really got lucky to snap this just before it changed! They had several others, some with dry ice billowing out of the designs, but this was my fave!
These people really get into Halloween, you know the ones? They hand out about $5 worth of goodies to each child, like glow sticks so they'll be safe walking, microwave popcorn bags, Play-Doh the works, every year, so I think this time I'm going to take a handmade thank you card down there along with this printed out pic for them! We are so blessed to have people like that in our neighborhood who do that for kids, it is a place we look forward to visiting each Halloween as much as we look forward to a carnival or trick or treating itself!
Hope you had a fantastic time with your own families, now I need to go make like a stamper and crank out some sneak peek goodness for the week!
See you back here at 10PM with a reveal of my new set, which I will also be giving away!!! (Any guesses, ladies??)


  1. holidays are coming up - something winter related.
    see you later!

  2. *Swoons* Oooo Johnny Depp! wow! We have a house here that does like that, they plan like for the whole year what they are gonna give and do for the kids on Halloween! Next year, Ima gonna set up a go fishing thingy, lol! Love seeing the kids faces! Your boys look like that had a blast in those costumes!

    Ooooo want me to guess?? haha! Need to get off this and get one more card with your set made to get it out of my head, lol!

  3. Great pics Melanie! Oh how I remember when my boys were little.

    I think your new set is the one with the beautiful poinsettia garland. I can't wait for the release.

  4. Halloween is but a blutty memory....LOL. Gorgeous pumpkin! Hmmm, new set, let see, poinsettia border (snippet 2) or possibly the Winter (snippet 3).

  5. Great pics of the kids! I love the pumpkin. I know whatever the set is it will be amazing. I have loved all the peeks. See you tonight.

  6. wow! awesome pupmkin!
    i think it will be a christmas set???

  7. Juat found your blog, nice work! Will certainly be bookmarking this! Looks like a fun night for all. Pumpkin is great! A Christmas set I would say.

  8. Such beautiful stamps I can't wait to see more.

  9. Wow, the boys are so big! And that Jack Sparrow pumpkin is out of this world! So happy you all had a fun halloween, Melanie! TFS these great pics!


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