Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love this bag, what do you think?

Good morning, you may or may not remember when my little red purse was stolen out of my car a few years ago, well, I have bought two other purses since (one big, one BIGGER) and they are still not quite like my little red bag. Being such a busy work at home mom I don't even bother keeping any makeup in my purse when I'm on the go, and with the kids going back to school soon it is on my list to try to spend a little more time on myself which includes carrying around some powder and lip balm, little things like that to take care of myself and look a little nicer, you know? So I was needing to get a new makeup bag ( all the ones from years past had gotten pretty gross!
I figured I'd just get something practical and then found an email in my inbox this morning for a deal on this gorgeous, fashionable Vemayca makeup bag with tons of cool features: super soft (I am such a tactile person) outside pockets for sunglasses, cell, and liner you can remove and clean or replace when your makeup spills...AND it's RED! (pic above is the same bag, not two sizes, just shows a closeup and then how it looks like open) I read all the reviews online about how perfectly it met women's needs and was pretty enough to be carried as a clutch by itself (which I love to do, easier on my neck and shoulder), super roomy but not too big (9x6x2), so for $17 (51% off) this seemed just what I was looking for, I snapped one up! Thinking this would make a great gift too, might be going back for more...check it out!

I'm blogging so we did survive last night's slumber party, but only just the boys were all giggling and wiggling til 4 AM!! Time for a nap!!


  1. Mealanie,
    I am so glad you decided to share this. I am in need of a new makeup bag and this is the perfect size. I also like the color. It stands out when you open your hand bag. My husband hates when he is looking for something and I tell him it is in my purse. He calls it the black hole and swears he can never find anything in it.

  2. Oh YOU! darn enablers on blogger - LOL I SO SNAGGED ONE OF THESE!!! Love it -- thanks for posting it

  3. I did to Mel, and one of my fav colors is RED (along with black and pink) This Mamasource is a fabulous website, I have snagged 2 thing now! Hey, you now get a free goodie according to my calculations. Luv2Ctreate and Vickie and now me...Three Cheers for you lucky lady!! Thanks Mel!


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