Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Basket Additions 2: A Few Tips for You!

 Hello!  Hope your week is off to  a terrific start! Just wanted to post a few this for the new Basket Additions 2 sets along with a new sample today, this is by no means complete but I started it a few weeks ago so i might as well put it up until I can finish more!  BTW,  I am so concerned my feed for my blog has stopped coming to all my readers again, ackk!  Please checking in with me, sign up to follow instead of getting updates so you can see it in your dashboard etc and I'll be sure to also post my new cards to StampTV.
 This card uses Gina K Red Carpet DP (paper piecing on the rolled blanket) and Pure Luxury Red Hot, White and Ocean Mist CS.  Only the lace topper is cut out here: goes quickly, adds dimension and you don't have to worry about masking or stamping the topper and basket exactly lined up!

So here are some more tips!

Use toppers with the basket from Spring Basket and Holiday Basket.

Trim off or omit stamped eyelet border to use with the other toppers and use baby stuff on its own, or with a different blanket or liner.  Endless combinations with the different pieces!

Hang banner across basket or stamp at the top of you mats without the basket to create festive hanging banners, like a decorated room.

Add letters, numbers or bling to the individual pennants flags. Paper piece the pennants or make every other one a different color to make them pop.

Glue hemp or bakers twine across the line above the pennants to add whimsy and texture.

Add glitter to inside of spa mason jar for a sugar or salt scrub!

Word combinations you can make with just these 13 greetings in the set (more, of course, when using the other Basket Additions or Basket Buddies or Basket Blessings)

enjoy your vacation
enjoy your birthday
enjoy your birthday party
enjoy your 4th of July
enjoy your new baby
enjoy sunshine
enjoy good things
time to... in front of the previous combos!
good things grow
grow good things
happy birthday
happy 4th of July

time to party
time to play
time to rest & relax
time to shine
party time
(I'm sure there are others but that's all I got right now!)

Here is a list of what's in each new topper for coloring reference and inspiration:

 Baby: The little ovals peeking up on right are tops of safety pins, behind that with tiny line on left side (fold) are diapers (but they could be pieced to look like folded baby blankets cloth diapers, etc and the three rectangles above those are like board books standing up.  Large container of powder, bottle duck! rolled blanket, stuffed puppy (aww!)

Spa: nubby brush, slippers, sea sponge, bath poof, rolled washcloth, bar soap jar for bath crystals (pink glitter!!)

Beach: flipper, towel, book, shades, water, bottle, shovel, ball, snorkel tube

Garden: seed packets, spade, pots, glove, watering can, potted ivy

Birthday: gift, balloons, blowout, cone hat, gift bag

Fourth of July: fireworks, star, tinsel decoration (with the skinny streamers) flag, watermelon, roman candles

More tips to come! have a fabulous day, thanks for visiting and your comments!  I'll be back with some pics and an update the Violet Crown Festival this past weekend!


  1. this is so adorable! your coloring rocks and love all the tips for this set. I have to ink it up...it is fantastic!!

  2. Thanks so much for the tips, Melanie. They help so much! If you don't mind a suggestion, would you please demonstrate a way to paper piece something to go over the bottle for those of us who are devoted to breastfeeding? Just a thought.... Thanks!

  3. Good suggestion, Lynn, I'll see what I can come up with. I didn't even think about that as I was drawing, just filling up the basket, lol a bottle is just so... iconic! But neither of my children ever took one, or apacifier, I was very blessed to have nursing go so well :-)

  4. No harm on the diet will result. I will definitely go for it.

  5. OH my word, this is so cute Melanie!


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